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    Is the "Filter by" a new feature on VRBO?


      I just noticed that there is a feature on VRBO to filter listings by # of bedrooms, # of guests, owner/property manager, etc.  I don't recall seeing this before.  If it is a new feature, why didn't VRBO let us know about it?

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          amyg Active Contributor

          I was surprised to find the "Filter By:  Add+" tab next to the old "Sort By" tab.  I didn't catch it until you pointed it out.  I wish it was labeled something a little clearer like "Narrow Your Search" or  "Definite your Search" because "Filter By:  Add+" sure doesn't make much sense on first glance.

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              anja Senior Contributor

              This company {HA} could stand to learn to solicit some input and/or feedback from USERS of their product --- before the progammers get to work to "imporve" the search system.    They have the means to solicit feedback by spending little effort and money.


              What about asking the "ambassadors", if they don't want to do a formal focus group?   We are all easy to reach...we read the threads/posts...we're up on the "issues" ...we participate in "discussion".  I bet some of us, if not all,  {twenty ambassadors} would give our {user} feedback.  The "Filter By:  Add+"  could, as amyg already stated, be labeled so anyone could understand it....and more would use it, then.

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                  sophie Senior Contributor

                  I too, just noticed this but also noticed something else.  I am no longer able to search the availability date past 11 months from now. It never used to put a cap on the date but now I can't even search for summer of 2013. I am already planning for next year and it makes it difficult to search availability. I think this needs to go back to the way it used to be when we could search as far into the future as needed.

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                New Member

                VRBO did in fact recently launch refinements on the search page to enhance the search experience for our travelers.  VRBO has received numerous requests for this feature over the years from both owners and travelers. Refinements allow travelers to more easily narrow down their vacation rental search by selecting rental property criteria, such as the number of bedrooms or baths, as well as amenities such as pool, or a property being pet-friendly. We hope this will provide more qualified inquiries for your vacation rental. 


                The design for this feature was based on a usability study that included hundreds of VRBO travelers and owners who opted in to helping us design functionality for VRBO through our VRBO feedback widget. These tests were completed prior to the launch of Community’s Ambassador program.  We always take Community feedback into consideration, and hope you’re looking forward to more solicitations for feedback from Laura and the Ambassador Forum.


                As always, we appreciate you providing your thoughts and ideas, and will take them into consideration regarding how we call out this feature so that it is clear to our travelers how to refine their search.

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                    sophie Senior Contributor

                    emily, can you address the fact the calender is now only viewable for 11 months for persons searching by date?

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                      lrbaldwin Active Contributor

                      I think this feature is great.  However as stated above, the "Add+" next to Filter: doesn't make any sense to me.  I don't know exactly what would be more descriptive, but something like Narrow Search or Search by Amenities or Choose Details.  It appears that the programmers wanted to have the Filter choice look like the Sort by choices, but that doesn't work because the choices for Filter is not a dropdown list.  It would be better to remove the "Filter" text and simply have a button that indicates what it does.  A quick and dirty improvement would be to remove the "Filter" text box completely and change the text in the Add+ button to something more meaningful similar to the three suggestions I made in my second sentence.  We're looking at less than a minute's worth of work.....delete one, change the text in the other.  No brainer.


                      From looking at the source, it appears that this is the current very rudimentary HTML code:


                      <ul class="pie">

                                  <li class="pie first">Filter by:</li>

                                  <li class="pie last"><a id="add-filter" href="">Add +</a></li>


                      Remove the second line and change the text Add+ in the third line to Narrow your Search.  Of course it's no longer a list, but that shouldn't cause any problem.  I can't tell since I can't see the CSS document.


                      I really do like the feature and appreciate the work that was put into it.



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                      Overall, I like the additional filtering criteria recently added.


                      The totality of the Search criteria now comprises the following, and in this hierarchical order.


                      1. Search For: location path
                      2. Check-in & Checkout dates
                      3. Sort by:

                      Bedrooms: High to low

                      Bedrooms: Low to high

                      Sleeps: High to low

                      Sleeps: Low to high

                      Review count


                         4. Filter by: Add+


                      My observations:


                      The “Sort by-default” option is not explained, but I think it is referring to the Owner’s paid for  “Subscription Level”. If Searchers (Travellers) allowed this to default & specified  nothing in the “Filter by: Add+”, then the search result will favor those that paid for a higher Subscription Level.


                      The use of the “Filter by: Add+” diminishes the importance of the “Subscription Level”, because the search result is now narrowed down to a selected few. The use of the “Sort by” renders the Subscription Level irrelevant.


                      Overall, I like these latest additions. #2 & #4 above were non-existent before, making it a pain to go through a very long list of search result. Two thumbs up to VRBO/HomeAway for adding this feature.