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    How can I see the Rental Agreement, after sending Payment Request?

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      I have a question, how do I see the Rental Agreement, after sending the Payment Request in HomeAway Reservation Manager?

      I want to be able to check and see what I have sent to the guests.


      Thank you!

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          You have a couple of ways to view your rental agreement how the traveler

          would see it: 


          1. You are sent a copy of all ReservationManager emails sent the to guest.

          You can go to your copy of the payment request email and click the "View

          Rental Agreement" link.

          2. You can click the "Pay Now" link in your pyament request email to go to

          the Guest Payment Page where guest enters their Credit Card or eCheck

          payment.  This page has two links to "View Rental Agreement".

          3. On your payment details page in ReservationManager, click the "Traveler

          View" link next to your payment and you will be taken to the Guest Payment

          Page with the "View Rental Agreement" links.


          Hope this helps!


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              I have to add my 2 cents to this, because it's one of my "sore" points about the payment system.


              On the traveler view, there are actually 2 links to "View Rental Agreement"  One is a a big orange button, the other is small blue text.  Clicking the big orange button shows the date and charges only, but not the contract.  Only if they click the smaller, text version do they get to see the actual document that you uploaded when you created the payment request at the start of the process.  I've spent lots of time on the phone trying to tell guests where to click for the actual contract, and if I'm lucky they find it 30% of the time. 


              And since we require guests to print it out, sign it, and fax or scan and email it back, it's critical that we put it some place they can find it and print it out.


              So we don't put any kind of contract into the HA Payment system at all - we just put some text in the write-in box saying that the contract will be sent by email separately.


              Then, once we fill out the HA payment request forms, we follow up immediately by sending the guest the contract via an email direct from our own email account.


              I wish we didn't have to take the extra 10-15 minutes to do it this way, but it saves so many headaches for our guests, and that's what's most important to us.

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                  I agree with your point.  Clients have asked how to find the rental agreement when they get their email.  Because the link text is too small it is overlooked and then we have to call or send an email to explain where to find the link.  I would think it would not be too difficult to make the text larger, bold it, or change to a colored button to make it more obvious to the client.  View Rental Agreement -- see how it stands out in bold -- better than the regular font in the email.  Easier to pick out, isn't it?

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                  Thanks Pete.


                  I tried this, and that's good, for the first time I see the Rental Agreement as the guest sees it.


                  BUT NOW ... I am totally dismayed !


                  There are all sorts of weird special characters, and the carriage returns from my "copy and paste" have not been honored !  Excerpt below (the whole document is like this).



The cancellation deadline for full refund is May 28, 2012.
The amount due on 6/25/2012 is actually only for the $500 refundable security deposit.



                  OH NO!  It looks TERRIBLE.

                  It's a three-page document that is looks like one enormous run-on sentence.

                  It is basically un-readable.


                  I had no idea that my Payment Contracts were going out to the guests looking like THAT. 


                  Any ideas for help?


                  I don't want to attach a .PDF because I think that will be too much of a hassle for the guests to open. 


                  Oh, I am so disappointed.


                  Thank goodness I normally send the Payment Contract / Guest Rules as an attachment in an e-mail, in addition to what is sent on HomeAway Reservation Manager.  But I never had any idea that the HA RM version was coming to the guests looking so awful. 

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                      Yikes...this is terrible...my rental agreement is all run together and you

                      can't even read it.

                      Is this happening because the rental agreement is a copy/paste and not a

                      .pdf? We were told that if we were unable to attach a .pdf copy that we

                      could copy and paste our .doc copy.


                      Thanks, Lin




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                          I do all our contracts in PDF format, whether sent through the HA payment system or via a direct email.  PDF is already installed on just about everyone's PC, Mac, iPhone, or Andriod these days, so there's very little chance that someone won't be able to open it.  It is MUCH more common than Microsoft word (.dox or .docx format) and is pretty much immune to version differences.


                          Most importantly, it retains the formating exactly the way you want it.  Columns, indents, font sizes - they will display the same regardless of what kind of computer they are reading it from.


                          For us, we use Google Docs to store all our email and contract templates.  When we have an actual reservation, we go into Google Docs, open our contract template, tell it to make a copy, rename that copy to include the date, house, and guest name, and then add in all the guest specific details.  When we have it the way we want it, we tell Google Docs to download a PDF version to our local PC.  Once on our local PC we open it to check it created everything right, then use that copy to send to the guest either directly in an email or through the HA payment system (although we no longer do the latter, as evidenced in my rant a little further up in this thread).


                          It works great, everyone can open and print the file, and it has the added benefit of not allowing guests (unless they are very tech savvy) to change any of the terms before signing the contract and sending it back.