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        twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

        Hey there.......see what I wrote to Swinplx just above. I really don't want several accounts, too much work and not enough reward for the work. I just take the total amount of "rental" income and multiply it by my rate and send that into the state directly. So the payment screen works fine for balancing with what I have. Besides it is only 4 times a year.


        I was more concerned with my IRS return and having "back up" evidence other than my micro soft money print-out and my bank statements. Since neither of those really spells out where the money came from. So, again the payment screen works great for "back up" evidence. Along with the print-out for paypal for other expenses...cleaning. etc. I also use my credit card for supplies, but it automatically downloads in micro soft money and pulls the expenses into my business for deductions.


        My accountant then looks at everything and does her thing. She is GREAT! Since I use my Vacation home more than allowed by IRS there are additional adjustments that are made to satisfy that requirements. I usually am NOT ahead when it comes to the IRS. BUT, I was audited a long time ago and it was very upsetting to me. I always want to make sure that I understand exactly how to provide "proof" that they will accept for my expenditures and for the income.


        Bye for now

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          Thanks for all of the updates.


          Regarding the E-check problem...Dashboard only provides you with the ability to choose your PREFERENCE...NOT the ability to eliminate e check payment.


          Example: I had already selected credit card payment as our preffered payment, but guests could still simply select e check and submit payment. The same would be true the other way around...someone could select e ceck as preferred method and guests could still submit credit card payment.


          As I mentioned, there is no on-line method to opt out of accepting e checks and the liabiity associated there with.


          You must call customer service to eliminate e check payment capabaility and I strongly suggest everyone to at least consider doing so.

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            twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

            Oh, I was not aware of that. I haven't had anyone book with an e-check I guess. I suppose more people feel comfortable paying for their trip at a later date. I am sorry that you had such a difficult time getting your issue resolved. Perhaps it would be good if they put the ability to opt out of e-check or charge card right on the payment preference page. That way, those that wanted both could have both and those that only wanted one or the other could choose, as you have.


            I am sure that they will make things where we all have what we desire....I have been totally impressed thus far.

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              swlinphx Premier Contributor

              Wendy, that's what I was saying, that HomeAway should make it clear you can opt out of e-checks completely. When we used PayPal exclusively, we only had one person use e-check in 8 years, but like highestr8 said it still is nice to opt out.  Also, since I had never experienced what you were talking about with records being eliminated upon cancellation I assumed that's what you meant... all payment information was gone. I knew that there is a difference between the Reservation and Payment tabs already.  That is why I was so surprised when you said they deleted them all.  I figured you knew about the Payments tab because I had told you to use it to print out a monthly report if you wanted.  So I guess there was some miscommunication there.


              And our PayPal system as a backup is not complicated at all!  PayPal is like having an instant hub to link any bank account you want without a trip to the bank or ATM to withdraw and transfer money for free.  We don't use four accounts for each rental, but we could have 10 accounts if we wanted to.  The point is PayPal acts as "Grand Central Station":  We can transfer to and from the account we use for Reservation Manager, the account we use for our property income and expenses, another property owner's bank account and another I may need to split money with if I owe them for work, etc. It's completely up to you, but I swear by PayPal in that respect.  No other credit card processing company does all that; you can even pay directly from PayPal for things or use a Visa Debit for free, but we keep that business account only for vacation rental business.  Trust me, I like things streamlined too and have it down to a science.  Whatever you are used to doing is easiest, and everyone's situation is different.

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                twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                Yes, I have used paypal too, but with Reservation manager, they send everything out to the guests without me doing anything. I still use Paypal for cleaning, supplies, etc.


                I did know about the payment tab. However, when everything disappeared from the inquiry page, other than the original inquiry, I thought everything was GONE. The inquiry usually shows all correspondence and payments. So, needless to say was quite perplexed to see it all disappear. Apparently, it erases from the inquiry page everything that existed, but the payment stays on the payment page. I didn't know that until yesterday. However, I AM SO RELIEVED AND GLAD, my problem was solved quickly and easily.


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                  This brings up another question for me.  If one were to no longer have an active listing with VRBO, would you still have access to your payments history?  If not, it may be better to deal directly with PPI when setting up an account?  Does anyone know if PPI requires an active listing with a vacation rental website/listing service?

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                    swlinphx Premier Contributor

                    When you cancel your subscription with HomeAway, VRBO or VacationRentals.com (or most any other reputable vacation listing site) your managerial (Dashboard) access is not denied and your listing is not deleted.  It is just no longer accessible by the public either at the direct URL link or in search results.  So therefore yes, you do still have full access to your reservation & payment history and calendar.


                    Keep in mind, PPI is only just one vacation rental transaction processing service you can use with Reservation Manager.  VRP (VacationRentPayment), otherwise known as the Yapstone Group, is the other.  They handle other sites like FlipKey/TripAdvisor as well.

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                      New Member

                      Gosh, I don't use any payments other than a personal check with the renters name on it or a cashiers check with the renters name on it. I want to keeping tying the renter with any transactions and not a third party paying on the account. I know that these methods can be convenient but the old fashion way just keeps me connected much better

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                        New Member

                        Hi everyone,


                        Perhaps someone already spoke about this in this long discussion, but I'm wondering what kind of payment options are out there for those of us who are new to VRBO and have a property overseas?  I was told by VRBO/HomeAway that the "live date" for my listing has to be greater than 6 months in order to receive approval for a VacationRentPayment merchant account.  However, since our property is overseas, this really seems to limit my ability to collect rent payments from international customers.  For example, I have never received a check internationally (does such a thing even exist?)  So, what other options are out there?  Is PayPal the only option?  Frankly, I'm a little disappointed by VRBO's policy, since my initial contract with them is only for 1 year.  So basically, half of that time I'm not able to take credit card payments.  I feel that this could potentially cripple business with international customers.


                        Thanks for your input and advice,


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                          New Member

                          I've gotten chasier's checks in my name or money orders.

                          That has been simple and worked for me.

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                            New Member

                            Great, thanks, Maggiemay.  Is your property here in the States? 

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                              New Member

                              Yes, I am in Horseshoe Bay, Texas #188075 & 341323.

                              I have been with HA for about 4 years I think.

                              Competion has grown so it is harder to book full time like the good old


                              I need to get better educated to attract more hits!

                              I joined VRBO recently last year.

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                                New Member

                                Beautiful!!  Wow, I'd love to visit!  We're #411580 on VRBO - just getting started.  When you first posted on Homeaway or VRBO, how long did it take for you to get the word out and get actual bookings?

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                                  New Member

                                  Prpetty quick.....been doing this for 4 years.

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                                    Active Contributor

                                    I encourage people to visit my home so that they will see the value and amenities we offer first hand. With 700 vacation rental homes in my area, we set ourselves apart by asking renters to come and "tour" with us.


                                    Although we do not  specially rent to locals, many vacationers have some family member or friend in the area who can come and tour. Certainly this is not a must, as we have guests from all over the world.


                                    By asking people to come and see the home, we have enjoyed 100% occupancy each of 11 years for each of my 7 homes. We rent for the season May thru September. Sometimes in October and september as well, but not the norm. Works for me.




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