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    Need Help to recuperate Damage deposit :-(

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      I own 2 properties in Florida and I have being renting for the past 8 years. I never really had any major damages. I had few here and there (mosthly accidental), and the guests were always good to repaid them. This past Spring Break, a young group of ladies, damage a sink in a bathroom I just redone the previous month. The damage end up being over $460 to replace it. I first called the young lady in charge (the one who signed the rental agreement and gave me her driver license), and she informed me that she did not know anything about it, but would ask the other girls and get back to me. No need to said...I never heard anything else from her. I first send an email stating that I had a rough estimate of $350 to give her the head up. However, after complication due to removing the granite top, redoing the wal....the bill climb to $460.(plus the bathroom was out of order for 2 days...fortunately, I was the guest) .I email her a bill explaining the difference with a copy of the repair man bill. Did not even had the 25% extra repair fee....no news. I text her...no news. I send her another notice asking to contact me if not her credit card would be process...no news. Processed the credit card ...DECLINE!! I was thinking about emailing her once more telling her this would be her last electronic correspondance and to call me to make financial arrangement. If I did not hear from her, I would take legal action. I am planning to file with the small claim court. Any tips on my situation? Is it worthy for me to file?  Thinking about starting doing teh damage insurance during Spring Break now with a damage deposit? Please someone help me here:-(

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          naccs, I"m sorry to hear about the damage to your sink.  I'm afraid that you'll spend more time, money and emotional energy trying to pursue this young woman in court.  She clearly has no interest in making things right. 


          A damage insurance waiver is probably the best course of action for all your future rentals.  I personally don't like the term "damage waiver" because it may give guests the impression that they can do whatever they want because any damages are now "waived".  Still, it's better than no protection at all.  Good luck! 

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            I agree with AmyG - it looks like you'll have to absorb this one.  Hopefully her rent payment was at least enough to cover the damage so you don't take a loss.


            Our policy is to ALWAYS require either a pre-authorization on their credit card, or an actual charge on their card (refunded after they check out with a clean bill of health for the house) for $500.  That's enough to fix a hole in the wall or cover the majority of a new TV.


            In most cases we avoid renting to groups that are all same-sex (ladies can be as bad as the guys), but if we're borderline on it and decide to rent, we require them to get the HomeAway CSA $3000 damage insurance policy ($50).  This is in ADDITION to the $500 damage deposit.  The insurance would have covered the sink for you, but it doesn't cover things like smoking in the house or leaving it in a really messy shape.

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                I had to take three tenants , all on one lease, to two different small claims courts. I sues each one in the district they live. It took many months but I won the $3000 in damages they did.  The proof was in the pictures. Pictures before and pictures after their rental.


                Yes it takes time and effort, but do you really want these people to get away with this and to do it to some one else next time.