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    is anyone else getting this scam?


      I regularly get this inquiry - I wonder if it's through my personal website or because I at some point responded to someone - sent directly to my email address. Seriously, I've had it three times this week, usually it's once a week or every other week. Just thought I'd post it for general awareness.


      "Do you still have a room/apartment available for rent as at now, is the room of average size, i ll like to make inquiry to know more about the room, is it available as furnished, do you have pictures of it, you can email me here, i will check in for you reply before i get off work.



      It comes from a a variety of email addresses, a variety of names, sometimes the email addresses and names match, other times they don't. At least it's fairly obvious.

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          anja Senior Contributor

          Aloha 'mauioceanview',    I have not gotten that email, but I have gotten similar "multiple" emails from "multiple" senders, from "multiple" email addresses.  I haven't had one for a while like this.   Because the message is coming from a variety of email addresses, different names, etc., it could be that someone's computer  (not yours)  has a virus that sends out emails randomly to lists.   Just to be on the safe side, why not run your virus checker on your pc.  [I would not respond to any of the emails, either.]