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    Greeting guests?

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      I have a 2 month renter asking to be met and shown around the property.  I live 3000 miles away and while I have a local manager, I was not  thinking I would pay him to "welcome" guests.  I send out "user friendly  house information" and have info posted in my rental.  Should I pay my  manager to greet my guest and show them around?

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          I would hope your guest would understand why you wouldn't be able to meet him personally.  I think, however, he may want to know there is a face behind the name.  Perhaps you can just explain the logistics of not being able to meet him, have the manager right there to do so, and reinforce that you will be available by phone at any time.  He probably just wants reassurance.  This is a longer rental than just a vacation, and it appears he wants to be comforable and secure.  Actually, it's probably a nice thing that he wants to meet you - just impractical..! Good luck! 

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              msdebj Senior Contributor

              Bee, I agree ( once again!) with Mary.  Have your point person there  to show him around. After all, that will be the renter's local contact if he has any problems- even if the renter has to contact you personally, which I imagine is how you have it set up.


              You might nicely remind him that most "short term" executive type rentals ( which is what this sounds like) are rarely managed Hands On by the owners. He's getting the best of both worlds- your contact availability and someone local to the property.  


              And good luck!

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              Thanks for the input. I will arrange for my guest to be greeted.

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                We make it a policy to ALWAYS meet our guests either personally or with a hired check in "hostess". Regardless of who checks in the guests we give them a brief tour, have them sign a check in agreement and review not only the rules of the road but offer assistance and insights into the local area. This face time has paid big even though we incur an expense that other owners will not pay.  Our guests show greater respect for our property because they can identify with our desire to make their stay pleasant but see how hard we work to provide a first class property. They don't view the property as being owned by a faceless indenty.  Our neighbor NEVER meets guests and it results with less respect for his property. He has far more damage to his property and seems to be constantly dealing with "issues" from guests. If nothing else meeting your guests or tenants is just good insurance. As an added perk guests seem far more likely to leave reviews when they feel connected to the owner.  VRBO 255374

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                  Travelers have a better sense of the property if they are shown around.


                  Also greeting a travelers makes them feel more welcome and feel more at home.


                  They also have a face to place with the voice should the need arise.