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    Trouble with housekeeping in Destin

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      I am on my 3rd housekeeping company in as many years in Destin.  When there is a gap in my calendar, I will visit, unannounced, and I am continually shocked at what is missed.  Last night I arrived to mildew in the tub, hairs on the toilet, no paper towels, no dish sponge, food on the drip pans on the stove, HUGE dust bunnies next to the sofa, stained pillow shams, toothpaste on the bathroom vanity doors (not to mention an inch of dust). And I was here a month ago.  My last guest was a quiet older couple, no kids, no pets, and they were here for 10 days! 


      Am I too picky?  I feel like I'm constantly complaining.  I can't afford to keep a week open every month (especially during the summer) to come here and clean behind the people I pay to clean.  With every new service, I show them exactly why I'm firing the last one, and get lots of nods and yes ma'am's, but then the same thing happens.   


      Any thoughts?

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          wow that is frustrating!! I hope you are able to find a better cleaning company. Also tell them you will be randomly checking and expect the cleaning to be kept to a certain standard (but then make sure you do).

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            Oh my. This seems to be a real problem for all of us.  NO, you are not being too picky!!


            I have to constantly stay on my housekeepers about things. And I do mean ALL the time. I talk to her EVERY WEEK.


            One thing I did, that seems to have helped: When I send my Thank You email to each guest I include a short Comment Sheet that asks them to rate the level of cleanliness of our home.


            My guests know I am not nearby, and they all understand that I want and need to hear their feedback on matters. Most are happy to share their comments. ( I think it makes them feel as if they have a bit of ownership, or whatever.) 


            My housekeeper knows I do this, and I also email her all the comments - good and bad. Since I've started doing this I've noticed that they are doing a better job. 


            One other thing I've done is ask my housekeeper for a list  with contact information, of her other clients in my area. She knows I'll have no problem letting them know about the quality of work she does for me.


            I'm also thinking about starting a notebook with the cleaning check list that the housekeeper will have to sign and date each time they are there. I'll leave it in a drawer that guests can see.


            Good luck!