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    Allowing Access to Boats? And How? Would love your input.

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      We are relatively new Vacation Rental Owners and have been fortunate to have a good start on both Quality and Number of Guests we have had since acquiring our VR last Summer (we did a lot of researching and felt we offer a great location, home, clean, and high quality, competitive pricing), but we are learning and of course, want to Stand Out more in the market.


      Our home is in an area of the NW where kayaking is common.  We have noticed a few other Vacation Rentals in the area that offer the use of kayaks to their Guests and were going to look into this ourselves.  We are directly on the water in a protected cove.  Besides the Insurance Issues which we need to really investigate (I saw some threads last year re: Umbrella Coverage not always being clear re: boat rentals etc.), we have several basic operational questions (and this is ONLY if we decide to go forward with this from an insurance standpoint):


      1.  Should the usage of the Boats (2 kayaks and a dingy/rowboat) be INCLUDED in the overall Rental Fee like a "perk" (Peak season only), thus raising the cost for ALL travelers during that season, OR Should it be a separate charge only for Guests who might plan to use them?  I can see pros/cons of both options.  Wonder what other's experience is and thoughts.


      And, if we opt for a "separate charge" for the Boats, do we bump up those Guests' Security Deposit or charge a separte Security Deposit (sounds complicated).


      2.  Should an entirely separate Rental Agreement for Boat Usage be completed and sent to us separately from the VR Rental Agreement, with ALL the signatures of parties who may use the boats included before the combo for the "keys" be given?    My inclination here is YES.  Again, wonder what other's comments/suggestions are.


      3.  Finally, re: insurance issues, if someone has a good lead to an Umbrella Coverage agent who does work with VR that include Boat Rentals, we'd love the lead.  Our Home Owner's on this rental knows we rent, and we have a great basic coverage, but they do not offer an additional Umbrella Coverage.


      Maybe we're biting off more than we can chew.  But we are in a beautiful spot that lends itself to a nice paddle in the Summer.  We, ourselves, enjoy paddling with our two young boys and would love to share this opportunity with responsible Guests, and also make our VR more competitive in this market.  We'd love thoughts.    Thank you.