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    Negative Vacation Rental Reviews Can Be Costly


      Just saw this article posted online today in the Washington Post.  Very interesting and timely to add to our discussions.  Look forward to your feedback.



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          Very interesting article. Thanks for tjhe link.


          I''m quite peeved that VRBO would make such a statement- steering renters away from owners with such a disclaimer.  This is just another example of VRBO interjecting themsleves into the business end of things between an owner and a renter - something they state again and again that they DO NOT do.


          It's becoming quite evident that they are steering potential guests toward certain properties and away from others, without any real knowledge of the owner's property and rental terms.



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            I too am offended.   It seems that anything we owner's (HomeAway's Customers) do to protect our interests is frowned upon by Mr Sharpels. 


            To make such a statement to the media is reprehensible!


            They are also advising guests to steer away from owners who accept wires.  This is one of the most popular ways to pay for our European guests. It is also one of the most secure forms of payments for Owners. 


            In addition to all of this they are running ads for hotels and vacation clubs on the main page of their site in direct competition with vacation rental owners.


            Perhaps Mr Sharples should consider the iterests of the Owners who pay to advertise on his sites.  As an owner of many properties, I would be much more inclined to utilise more of their services if I felt secure they had My intererests in mind.


            I certainly DO NOT feel that way today!