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    Spam from gmail account?

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      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to VRBO (in the last week) and decided to post on VRBO as well as one Craigslist site.  I received this inquiry today (below) from a gmail account.  I've posted other things on Craigslist before, so have gotten spam from Craigslist postings before, but am new to ones related to vacation rentals and spam from a gmail account is interesting.  Does the below sound legit to you?  The lack of English skills makes me suspicious, but then again our vacation home is overseas, so you never know who you're doing to get...


      Thanks for your input!




      "Hi, I ask you an offer for all august, for two weeks we'll be in 4, thank you regards"

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          It does not sound legit.  It's a funny oddity that these spammers only want days in August!! I do not and will never again list my property on Craigslist.  It is prolific with spammers and you will more than likely find you property pictures and descriptions weeks or months from your actual posting on another ad.  If you do choose to continue to advertise on CL, you need to check every single day for your property to pop up in another ad. It's not a question of it, it's a question of when.


          You can run a search above and just put in spammer, spam, Ukraine and you will get a ton of reading material on these persistent spammers.