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    3/29/12 Upgrade - Issues with calendar and reservation manager

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      I just got off the phone with HomeAway customer support. I called because I "booked" an inquiry for June 2-9, but it sent the inquiry as June 1-8. When the guest asked me to change the dates, I couldn't see why the dates were wrong so I called support. Turns out there was a site update yesterday around 1 o'clock (he didn't say whether it was 1am or 1pm) and since then the calendar dates have been off by one day. They don't currently have a workaround, but he says the issue has been reported to their IT group. I asked them if there was a place to view the site status of known issues to know when this is resolved. He didn't know. I asked if owners were being notified about the problem, since they might not realize the dates are off. He didn't know. I asked why they didn't roll back the update when they realized there was a serious issue. He didn't know. So I'm sharing what I know (and don't know) with the ReservationManager Group.