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    New incentive to snag return guests

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      Many of us have return guests year after year (and I love mine!). We always offer discounts in one way or another to the great ones.


      But with all the new VRBO marketing now going to our NEW guests I'm trying a new tactic this year.


      When we have a great guest stay with us and I send them the Thank You email,followed up with the handwritten one, I'm now informing them that they have been added to our "Excellent Guest List". 


      I've not done anything new to change my protocal (offering discounts, etc), but I'm attempting to snag them psychologically by making them feel special. 


      I also let them know they can use me as a reference when they book other vacation rentals in areas other than the place our home is located. .


      I'll see how this works and let you know!