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        I'd love to eliminate the cleaning fee, but we allow weekend (2 day) rentals as we are in a major ski resort area...and if I split our cleaning bill in half and tacked it to the daily rate, that would be $65 more per night.  And then if I add $130 to the weekly rate, it means that people who stay 6 nights would be paying several hundred dollars more than those who stay 7 nights. That just doesn't work.  And yes, my housekeeper does charge $30 an hour, and it usually takes her 3-4 hours to clean our place...including shoveling the snow from the driveway to the side deck (only a few feet distance, but last week we had 10 1/2 FEET of snow come down and this week the forecasters have promised at least another 2 FEET of snow.

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          About the dog in the apartment..


          Something we do for our clients that have rentals that allow dogs- We put flea collars inside the vacuum canister, so when we vacuum- we are pulling the fleas up and killing them.  We have also encouraged the properties with dogs to leave blankets/sheets that are no longer "in service" for the tennants to put on furniture so keep dog hair off of it.


          If they are there a month, a spraying fee is completely acceptable and understandable.

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            How do I stop all these emails?

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              I wish I knew

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                I have written and asked the administrator how to stop all these b....y emails, but no answer yet.

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                  I too want to stop all the e-mails but before I tell you how, I want to say to everybody THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO MY ORIGINAL QUESTION.  All the responses have been helpful.


                  To remove the e-mail notifications, Log-in in Community then click on "your stuff" then click on "Profile" then on right side under actions click on "manage e-mail notifications" then I saw a list of discussions that I had responded to so you check the box next to the discussion that you want to stop seeing the e-mails for then you click on "remove selected notifications"  I think that should do it for you.  You can still view discussion and responses  but, I believe you will not keep getting the e-mails when new people respond. Hope this helps! 

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                    Thanks for the advice. Hope they change it so you can choose if you want to follow a thread, instead of having to opt out every time you choose to comment.

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                      You're welcome but now I'm not sure if it worked because I just received your response by e-mail - I don't know if I received it because you responded directly to me or because you responded to the thread.  I guess we will see if we now stop receiving EVERY response.  And, I agree Community needs to allow more options on e-mail notifications - I will probably have to go back in now and do it again   

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                        My husband and I rent our lake house in VA.  It is a 5 bedroom 4.5 bath 4000 sq ft log home.  We charge a cleaning fee of $100 per stay regardless of the stay length.  It cost us $150 per cleaning.  We tried to increase the cleaning fee but started to get a lot of "I'll clean it myself" which is just not an option.  Setting the fee to $100 seemed to be the right amount for our area and we do not get any push back for the fee.  If someone stays longer than a week I give them the option to have the cleaners come in but they must pay the full cost of the cleaning.  Most people do want this option and do request the cleaners come at least weekly for $150.  

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                          Does anyone charge a cleaning fee only for longer stays? It makes sense a 7 night rental will have more cleaning than a 2 nighter.

                          Plus a $100 cleaning fee on a week rental isn't that much more per night, but on a 2 or 3 night rental, it's steep.



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                            we charge the 150 cleaning fee no matter how long the guest stays-  2000 sf condo -      our cleaning crew changes the sheets on 4 beds,    cleans 4 bathrooms,    vacuums,   mops,   dusts,    sweeps balcony,  cleans kitchen,    cleans windows and patio table  etc...   takes 3 people about an hour and a 1/2  - 2 hrs   -   

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                              Most owners in our area now charge a cleaning fee.  The fee depends upon the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.  The more detail work required...the longer the cleaners are working!  Our cleaners charge between $20 - 30 an hour.  We determine what it should cost (based on our staff estimates) and that's how we determine a rate for each property.

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                                We don't charge anything, but ask the guests to make the cabin look exactly the same as when they arrived.


                                In the contract we have some stipulated damages (how much we charge per hour, gas, and dump fees) if they don't comply.


                                We have almost never had an issue and peopel are happy thye don't haev to pay additionial money.


                                We're probably missing out on quite a bunch o fadditionial income tho as almost all the other agencys charge at least $100.00 for a cleaning fee.

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                                  I charge $150 but give my weekly renters the option to do it themselves with specific instructions.  works well with most people.  if they dont do it i take it from their deposit.

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                                    I charge $150 cleaning fee no matter how long the rental (over 7 nights I give them the option to have an additional cleaning).  I pay the service $140 so I make a very small profit on it.  This helps defray the cost of administering and working with the cleaning company.  They only have 5 hours to clean and turn around during peak season and it pretty much takes them that long to do the level of job I expect.


                                    Finding competent, reliable and high quality cleaning services is a real challenge.  Many just want to do a quick surface job and that invites the next renters to complain about the cleaning job.  Before my current company, I had a company that advertised as being a premier service.  They did an absolutely horrible job.

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