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    Reservation Manager - accounting

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      We are using the Reservation Manager. It is typically breaking the payments up into 3 payments, For instance If a client owed a total of $2654.75, consisting of $1800 rent, $150 cleaning, $204.75 sales tax, $500 refundable deposit. The manager breaks it into 3 payments of 718.25, 718.25 and 1218.25. What I recieve is less the 2.5%. So I have to figure out who paid what by matching numbers and going back and forth inbetween the Reservation Manage, my email and my bank account. I don' t see how the split of the payments is derived and would like to find out. I am not having an easy time trying to record any of this in my accounts. Could someone please give me an idea of why it is broken up like this and an example of how to record it in the books? (My CPA is the one that is wanting to know )


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          Another reason why I won't be using RM. I'm not going to rewrite my rental agreement for anyone, let alone someone I'm paying to advertise that states they are not a party to the agreement between owner and traveler.


          I'm wondering if they have some kind of cap on your account. Some processing companies only allow charges up to a certain amount (say, $1000.00 a time). Clever way to ding ya a little bit more.


          I look forward to hearing what you find out.