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        greggt Senior Contributor

        I Guess according to you, we are not allowed a different opinion than what you have. i just want HA/VRBO to just advertise, nothing else.

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          susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

          Good Point. A duh moment for me. Actually, a duh month. I've been concerned about a guest I rated 3 on communication since she wrote me a glowing review & mentioned renting our condo again.



          Edit: Not a duh month after all. My original comments were correct as to guest seeing review owner/PM posts. From HA Community Traveler Reviews FAQs, bolding mine:


          Can you wait until after they write a review?

          However, if you wait until after your guest leaves a review of your property, we will not disclose its content until you leave a review about them or 14 days have elapsed. Reciprocally, if you leave a review first, your guest won't see the rating you leave them until after they've left one for you. You will also not be able to write a review more than 14 days after your guest leaves you a review, and vice versa. The goal here is to promote honest reviews.

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            bobbie32 Premier Contributor

            The way I figure it is that one guest might be a nightmare to one owner and a great guest to another.  We are all different and our policies are different. What is good for one might be just the opposite for another.  Additionally, what I like in a vacation rental might be totally different from what you like.  Reading reviews for me can be a joke.  How do I know that the person that wrote the review is on the same wave-length?  Maybe it was a millennial that wrote the review or maybe it was an 80 year old man that wrote the review. What appeals to one, might not appeal to all.  I could go on and on.  All of our likes and dislikes are different pending our age, and how we live, and our values.  I just don't get it.  In the particular case I mentioned, a couple of hours late for check-out might be just fine for an owner that does not care as they are the type that goes with the flow. So no, I will not be participating in the review process.  I have been burned big time by reviews for places I have personally rented.  They were obviously fake reviews or the reviews were by people that lived on a different planet. 

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              u0999 Premier Contributor

              By that token, why have reviews of our properties then? Should not be there either. because my cabin may be the dream home to someone, and a millennial will think it is dreadful because my satellite internet is slow.


              There subjective things, and there are objective things. If a guest checks out 2 hrs later than your stated check out time, that is not subjective. if the guest does not communicate or pays late (see thread by ashevillelookout) it is not subjective. This is what the reviews are for - IMO - to give warnings about severeviolations of owner's policy or payment, Not about a bent teaspoon.

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                twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                I so agree with you. I think that we can review the guest, even bad ones with respect and just the facts. I don't want a guest who tries to check in early, leave late, has more guests than was allowed, etc. There are many issues that can be conveyed to let other owners know to be aware that a guest may not be what they are looking for. If someone believes that these reviews are a waste of time, then don't read them, but for some of us they could be invaluable.

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                  bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                  I have been in this business since 1995.  I existed from day one without reviews.  I do not need reviews nor want reviews.  Sorry, that is just how I see it.  I personally don't use reviews and if others want reviews they can select other properties that just might have legitimate reviews - I wish them well. 


                  My listing has 30+ 5-star reviews which is okay by me, but I really don't want more because I feel I don't need more.  But I am getting out of the business at the end of the year so I am winding down.  Sorry, but no one is going to convince me that reviews are an absolute must, be it for the owner or the renter. I just don't see it. But I feel that is okay if others need reviews.  We are all different.  I just don't want to play the review game.    And I will not put everyone in the same basket. 


                  Gotta go  - I need to go and catch a honeybee swarm!

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                    u0999 Premier Contributor

                    Did I disallow your opinion somehow? I have no such powers, nor desire. I  happen disagree with it, and think that your opinion is based on not thinking things all  the way through, but I am not "disallowing' anything. Do you read reviews when you buy a car, an appliance, a service  or anything of substantial value? Most likely - yes ( but I do have a friend who does not, and she had bought 2 iffy cars one after another). . So imagine if no one left a review for any goods or services. You would be choosing blindly and hoping it works out well. if you are OK with goods and services reviews, why not guest reviews?

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                      Obviously, this is an issue with folks coming down on both sides of the fence.  My original comment was that I wasn't in favor, and I still feel that way though I now recognize that there is another school of thought.  I suspect we've beaten this horse quite dead now with 130+ responses.  My email inbox is bending under the weight. :-)

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                        bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                        We can agree to disagree and that is okay with me.   And no, my husband and I don't usually use reviews when purchasing much anything.  But we are older and have lived much of our life without reviews even being available.  So why start now?  When we buy a car we base it on 50 years of experience and usually stick with one or two manufacturers.  And as I stated before, I will never use reviews for vacation rentals again after knowing full well that most reviews are fake - at least that has been our experience. Perhaps we are really picky - don't know???  But if many vacation rentals these days cater to millennials then I can understand why a vacation rental set up with policies for millennials would not appeal to me. I am very detail oriented - probably a fault, not an asset.  I see things differently.  I am also strong on conservation so I simply cannot judge someone that is not, or it really gets me down.  And this is one of the reasons we will quit this business at the end of the year.  I will leave an incredibly tiny carbon footprint on this planet.  IMHO, there is a reason human beings only live so long.  Enough is enough…

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                          u0999 Premier Contributor

                          Yes, we agree to disagree  When someone says " I have been in business since ... " , it makes me smile. respectfully, what was successful in 1995 may not be a path to success  in 2020.  My father-in-law had a bicycle store business in the 70s. they were successful, but that was at the time before the large box stores even started to sell bicycles. What was successful in the 70s may have not been so if they started in the 80s or 90s.  You may have different outlook because admittedly you are getting out of VRs and you rather get out than change your approach and practices. But I think those owners who remain, need to adapt accordingly and not just say " I have been doing X  since year ????, so I will persist doing it no matter what".  Just my personal opinion, of course.

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                            bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                            because admittedly you are getting out of VRs and you rather get out than change your approach and practices


                            No, I am getting out of the business because it is time to move on.  We have been in this business for over 20 years and in the architectural business since 1970.


                            The fact that things are changing is not the only reason.  We need to move on with our life and find a smaller place to live and a good home-base to travel.


                            BTW, I was born in Tennessee and will get back there one of these days.  Your place looks fabulous!

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