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    Does this inquiry sound suspicious?

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      Traveler Name: XXX

      Traveler Email: XXX

      We rec'd an inquiry yesterday that was suspicios for several reasons: 1) was from a strange sounding Russian name 2) - the spelling of the first name included our last name in it. 3) The email was also weird sounding, 4)  it was for a full week stay 6 months from now during off season.5) It was for 4 people with no children, but this is clearly described as a studio condo w/ no separate bedroom (not really good for 4 adults)  I emailed back & told the inquirer to provide more details &  phone #. Any suggestions or similar inquiries/experiences? 

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          I got the exact same email using the exact same names, dates, number of people, etc. By the way, the last name that they used is the name of a character in a Russian book about a Ukraine girl raised by wolves.

          This is scam if I have ever seen it.

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            There may be a legitimate question here, but it isn't about whether that was a suspicious inquiry. I mean: You give five good reasons why any reasonable person would think this is suspicious. Let's stipulate: It's suspicious. Or bogus. Or whatever you want to call it. I'll call it "spam."


            So the question in my mind is: Presumably, Homeaway has developed a decent system for identifying and eliminating spam. Lord knows, it must have thwarted a million spammers by now. So how did this one get through their net?

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              Hi Imcdavis,


              Probably they are scammers.  Be extremely vigilant about clicking links that look like they are inquiries from HA / VRBO or from your e-mail web mail provider.  If you click on something and see something about having to re-login or session timeout, etc. don't click, just go back in through your bookmarks.


              They are very good at spoofing HA /VRBO inquiries, so I repeat, if you have to re-login or session timeout do not click!