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    How can we show the itemized fees and/or customize the outgoing message on future R.M. bills & payment reminders?

    swlinphx Premier Contributor

      I've posted this a few times as a reponse on other threads but never got an answer, so I'm posting it here as a new discussion thread:


      I know there are templates that you can save for responding to an inquiry for both booked and available dates, but does anyone know how to change and save the message that appears right before you send them the invoice (bill), the one that says "Dear ____" and instructs them how to make a secure payment?  I have to customize it each time, and even then it does not change the subsequent bills' message, just the first.


      Also, I need to know how to customize and save the wording of the future bills or payment reminders that go out to renters.  I need them to either show the complete breakdown of the payments (not just the total amount of that bill) or else be able to customize the wording to let them know they can send a check instead of paying by credit card when they receive that bill.  We would prefer both options but we need at least one.  Anyone have any insight or suggestions here?  Appreciate it, thanks.