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    eCheck "bounced". What now?

    floridabeachsunset Contributor

      I have a guest who chose to pay via eCheck, and they apparently put the

      wrong account number or routing number into RM when they paid.  I got an

      email from ReservationManager saying that the payment was reversed due to

      the Account number structure being invalid.


      And, I also got an email from VacationRentPayment, saying that the entire

      amount had been taken out of my own account.


      So..  a couple of questions......


      a)    What now?  According to the web/Reservation Manager, they paid their

      first payment, and my only option is to 'refund'.  Am I now 'off the

      reservation' and on my own, or is there a mechanism in place to have them

      repay (without, hopefully, having to make a manual payment, etc etc)


      b)   VacationRentPayment took the entire amount back.  They should have, I

      would assume, taken the amount minus the "fee"  (1% in this case).  Where

      is my 1%?






      Kirby Vandivort


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          floridabeachsunset Contributor

          No one has had this happen?


          It keeps getting better.


          I was looking at my bank statement today.  I had noted in section 'b' above that the payment had been taken back out of my bank account.  It shows up on the bank statement as  RECAPTURE HOMEAWAY.  Ok.. Fair enough..  It's not right that I had to pay back the full 100% from my bank account when I only get to see 100% minus the transaction fee.  But oh well.



          But, there's now another fee..  $25..   FEES HOMEAWAY    That showed up the same day.   So, it looks like I'm getting charged 25 bucks because my guests apparently didn't type in their account number right.


          So, I'm out $25 plus the 1% so far;    reservation manager still thinks that the guest has paid their full payment and has no option for me to say "no, they haven't", and I'm not sure how to proceed.


          Can't say I'm loving the whole eCheck thing at this point.

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            BEWARE: E CHECKS!!!


            Very timely discussion regarding e checks. I have spent several hours bouncing back and forth between VacationRent and Homwaway.


            I have STARTLING news to share with EVERYONE that uses the credit card option through Reservation Manager.


            3-plus weeks ago, a guest paid their $2450 deposit via e check (I didn't know payment was via e-check...assumed it was credit card) to reserve one of our homes. 24 days later (and with having turned away one other potential guest for that same week) I get notice from Homeaway that the funds were being deducted from my account via "payment reversal".


            I contacted Vacationrentpay who told me I had to handle through Homeaway. Got Homeaway on the phone and they said I should be speaking with VacationRentPay.


            Eventually, got both companies on the telephone and they determine that because payment was made via E check neither VacationRentPay nor Homeaway has any ability to stop the reversal...their suggestion is to hire an attorney.


            My next step was to eliminate the E check payment option on my property listings...VacationRentPay tells me that yes, it can be done but through the Dashboard/Homeaway. Got customer service at HA on the phone and they inform us that you CANNOT deactivate E check acceptance...if you offer credit cards then you offer e check payment.


            Bottom line: if you use VacationRentPay (through HA/VRBO) for credit cards, you HAVE to accept E checks.


            This opens up all of us homeowners to a tremendous liability...E checks provide only the same "protection" as regular personal checks: any reservations made via e checks can be cancelled at any time...EVEN AFTER THE GUEST STAY HAS CONCLUDED (the guest has 30 days after the echeck payment was made to initiate a "reversal".)


            The homeowners' ONLY recourse would then be to hire a lawyer to try to recoup.


            The dilemma : accept credit cards (and e-checks) and hope that more and more people do not learn about the weak security of e-checks and prey that most guests pay with credit cards! I am awaiting a call from the HA security people tomorrow and if they cannot arrange a method to allow us to choose if we accept E checks...bye bye!! Cannot afford to take any more chances with E checks...


            BEWARE E-CHECKS

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                swlinphx Premier Contributor

                I think it is important here to let everyone know whether you were allowed to remove the e-check option from your account so guests must pay by credit card.  Also, another solution for those wary of e-checks is to take the credit card info by phone at time of booking.

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                twobitrentals Premier Contributor

                I know this is an old post, but I just got "zinged" with a bounced e-check and a $25.00 Fee. It seems very unfair to hit us with the fee for the bounced check. I do understand that is part of doing business, but wouldn't it seem appropriate for Reservation Manager to try to collect the $25.00 fee from the party that bounced the check. They probably have at least that amount in their account.


                There has to be a way to charge this back to the party that caused the problem, not the owner.


                I would like to be a voice that asks that there be the option to opt out of e-checks. It was fortunately that after the funds (originally) hit my account that I waited a day or two before issuing the door codes, or there could have been some unfortunate issues. When I got the notice of the bounced check.......I immediately notified the guest that their reservation was cancelled. She wanted to provide an alternative method of payment, I declined. I know that many may think that is harsh, but I just feel that it goes to integrity and character of the guest. If her reservation was important she would have made sure the funds were available in the first place.