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    How long is a rental week?

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      Our check-in time is 12 noon and our check-out time is 3 PM. Should our "week" go from, for example Saturday to Friday, which would be 7 days and 6 nights or should it be Saturday to Saturday? I have noticed that some rental companies to the 6 night week. Just wondering what others do.

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          For those properties that only rent in weekly increments, I think that the vast majority are for seven nights:  either from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday.  As a renter, I would not be happy with a vacation rental property that would not allow me to stay for an entire week.  I have had potential renters want to have the rental start on a Saturday and end the Sunday of the following weekend.  I explain that I cannot accommodate that because it would make for a short rental for the guests coming in after them.  People seem to understand and accept this.

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            Would be interested in seeing links to any rental companies doing 6-night weeks.


            At our place, check-in is at 3:30 PM on the first Satruday of your stay, check-out is by 9:30 AM on the last Saturday.

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              Hi Miriam,


              Most VR's use a 7 night standard as a week and only allow full weeks during the high season.  Generally, check in is 3 or 4 PM and check out is 9 or 10 AM to allow enough time to clean for a same day turnover.


              A few years ago I had two open weeks in the middle of the high season with about 15 days to go.  It looked like I was not going to get them rented.  Someone inquired about a 9 night stay and I figured why not?  Then, surprisingly another renter came along for 4 out of 5 of the remaining nights.  The per night rate for a short stay is higher than for a full or extended stay. So now I advertise as flexible on starting / ending day and length of stay. 


              My VR is in coastal SC.  Most of my renters drive 5 or 6 hours or less to get there.  Understand this would not work for all VR's in all areas.



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                Thank you for all of your replies. This is our second year renting our property and I had been doing the 7 night week. I was beginning to doubt myself because several of the management companies in our area were doing a 6 night week. I was just wanting to check to make sure I wasn't doing something "wrong." Anyway, I am staying like I was!

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                  We have check in at 3, check out at 11.  The management companies around us have check in at 4.   If we dont have someone coming in or out on the same day as a guest, we offer them early/late check in/out at no extra charge.  It doesnt cost us anything more and they love it - and they come back again and often have told friends which has resulted in more rentals.    We do 7 nights for a weekly rental, but honestly, I dont care if someone wants Sat - Sat or Wed - Wed, we are booked all of ski season, all summer and almost every weekend in the fall and spring and holidays/spring break.  I'm flexible for my guests where I find many in our area are not and I think that is why we have over 80% booking throughout the year.  ...Plus we charge $5 less for cleaning and $1 less for pet fee ($49 vs $50)  Its all about perception.