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    is anybody familiar with the travel rental network?

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      I have been receiving calls from the travel rental network in Canada asking to post my property on their website as they are affiliated with travel agents belonging to IATA but I was not sure if other owners have used this website to market their property and if it is any good?

      Let me know if you have had good business using this website..

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          I work in the travel industry, and what the Travel Rental Network is doing is wonderful. They are making it possible for travel agents to have a secure go-to place where they are assured commission without having to go through 260,000 properties. Travel agents are certainly not obsolete and deserve to get paid for what they do.


          VRBO and HomeAway are great sites for those who are comfortable booking for themselves, but I would much rather go through a travel agent who knows the industry rather than book myself and risk being robbed of my money. There have been many scams and incidents with VRBO and HomeAway, and I'm really not too keen about having a large sum of money be sent to someone potentially posing to be a homeowner.


          Even those times where I would book myself, I would much rather go through the Travel Rental Network and rest assured that the places they have listed have been screened and are not just random people posing as homeowners.


          I guess it's not for everyone, and it's too ba it didn't work out for you, but I wouldn't be so quick to bad-mouth something that may very well be working for someone else, and that is providing a viable and very helpful service to others.

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            Hi Conquest22,


            Generally websites that phone you directly and try to get you to list are startups trying to go viral.  Very few succeed.


            I usually judge an unfamiliar rental website by doing a search for rentals in my area.  With this website that would not work because they supposedly market directly to travel agents.  There doesn't seem to be a way to tell how many TA's actually use the site.  Another way to judge them would be to check how many listings they have.  They seem to have very few, less than 5000.  Next I would check how many they have in my rental area. In my case, none.  They seem to be asking for $349/yr to list there.  Not worth it to me. 


            eli,  I would not call it a fake website.  They seem to be trying to build it up.  It may be a good concept.  Time will tell.  In the meantime don't believe everything you see on the web.


            sweetsoulsister,  They may indeed be doing a wonderful thing for the travel industry, but the have a long way to go to actually have an impact on the VR industry.  There is no way to tell if they are actually generating any bookings at all.  As I said above, it may actually work.  As of now they should probably be offering free listings to gain traction.  Experienced self renters will probably not sign up at any price.



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              I’m a Property Manager and I was unfortunate to believe in their pitch and paid Travel Rental Network for an annual subscription. They promised to provide huge inquiries and bookings based on their reach to IATA agents.



              After 16 months subscribed, I received ZERO bookings from them. I complained and they gave no refund.



              I was cheated, don’t be!



              Good luck, Olivier

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                They called me four times wanting me to sign up. HA - VRBO have 292 rental units advertising in my town, Travel Rental Network has 0. They kept telling me that would be great for me as I would be the only one listed in the town on their site, so I would get all the business. I told them, it they truly believed in their site, give me 6 months free and if I got a single booking, I would sign up for a year. They said NO, and have never called back again. If their not willing to take a chance on their company, why should I be.....just my thought.