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    Anyone used pet sitters for renters

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      Curious to find out if any has recommended a pet sitter to their tenants. A recent renter used one: K9KareTime.com in Outer Banks and really liked it as a n option. Thinking of placing their information in our pet friendly rental units. Any feedback?

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          We recently had one of our management team serve as a "pet sitter" when we brought a friend with her two dogs to spend a week at our rental. It was great! We were able to all go out to dinner without worrying about how the dogs might react to being left alone in a strange environment. We allow pets but state in our pet addendum that they are not to leave their pets alone, unattended in the house. Leaving info on pet sitters would be great and we plan to compile a list ourselve.

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              Usually when guests visit with pets, they don't want to then get a sitter. They want their pet with them, that's why they brought fido to begin with. I guess we nave been very lucky and have not had any damage due to pets, no shedding, no problems what so ever. I sometimes have more issues with the human race than canines.