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    Is it possible to customize the RM receipt?


      I'm unable to determine if we have the option of creating a template for the receipt that a guest is sent after payment.


      I typically include the contact information of the person meeting them at the condo at this stage as well as other small bits of info along with their receipt for payment but can't seem to find any way of changing or customizing the wording of the receipt like we are able to do with responses to inquires.


      Any chance this can be a feature that is added?




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          twobitrentals Premier Contributor

          I add those things into my "welcome letter" that I send out after the funds hit my account. It includes the codes to the door and the internet access and a brief outline of what is expected in the contract. It also has a reminder of the check in/out dates and times for them to confirm. I have it in both a word/PDF document for sending from anywhere I might be. 


          That way if they cancel or there is a problem with the funds, I have not given out any information.


          You might want to consider that. Easy to do!


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              Thanks - I have been pretty spoiled with the other Merchant Account I use (PPI) and have gotten used to knowing immediately if the transaction was successful that I hadn't even considered the fact that it might not be the best idea to give that information so quickly.


              Also having a PDF doc is the best idea as it can't be manipulated or messed with after the fact.


              Many thanks for your input!