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        daninpcb Contributor

        Simple and well said.  I would mark this as the "CORRECT ANSWER"

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          lincoln Senior Contributor

          How would an owner know that they trashed your place by looking at how many stars you gave them?  Without comments from the owner as to why they gave low stars, it seems worthless.  You could give them 1 star across the board, if asked, they could respond that there was a serious plumbing or septic issue right after they arrived, and they got blamed by the terrible owner, when all the experts they've asked, have stated that it had to have been from previous guests.

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            Active Contributor
            • Running AC in "cool" mode while simultaneously running fireplace on full blast, causing the AC unit board to trip


            LOL do you get that also?  Do you know how many guests asked me if they can start the fireplace in July when it is 95deg outside?


            And Yes I think a guest review or rating is a good idea as u0999 stated some of us have no means of getting reports of bad guests until the cleaning staff cleans and reports back after check out.  In our area we get a lot of repeat customers going from one property to the next and I welcome seeing what they did at u0999 place as she would see how a guest treated mine.


            Back to fireplace. I turn my gas off in April and don't turn it on till November. Last October it was very warm out. AC weather. A guest called wanting to light the fireplace. I said no that I always inspect it before lighting. WELL that was not good enough. They got in and turned it on. Well that was not good enough. The flame was not high enough for them so they went in and tried to adjust the gas valve. Yep broke it. My furnace guy got it working but next November it will need a new valve. cost to me about $375.00

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              u0999 Premier Contributor

              This is not trashed, but. Who would take and remove the grate from practically new grill? Since grill was Sams Club item only, took me a month to order a replacement as it is done by 3rd party service. My hot tub has a sign" do not sit, stand, lean on hot tub cover". It is in my rental agreement "hot tub addendum" too. Hot tub cover costs like $260 plus tax, and once broken, you cannot repair it, only full replace. How about NOT using whatever sharp object on smooth glass IMG_0460.JPGIMG_3053.JPGtop electric stove? Have you ever had to replace one? I assure you it is very labor intensive and expensive. By the way this was $900 Samsung electric stove. Even after the glass was replaced, it still does not look the same.


              So don't you think that renters like that need to be flagged so that the next owner does not have to deal with the same stuff? 20150820_160207_resized.jpg


              I would beg to differ. yes some of these were covered by damage insurance. however, they still cost me nerve racking, aggravation, and scrambling to get things fixed before the next renter checks in. While I would not ever ding someone on a few extra crumbs left behind, I think we the owners should not be afraid to negatively rate guest when they do something like this. If you want to think yor guests need to be treated like Faberge eggs even when they do something like that, I disagree.

              By the way these are just a few photos from my collection. from ruined king mattress, to melted custom window blinds, list goes on and on.


              Edit to add to my collection:

              fence ran over by a renter; $800 king plush mattress ruined by whole bottle of wine spilled into it.


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                Yikes, that is horrible.  Having reviews as part of the guest score is a great idea and can help give more insight. One other questions that would be extremely helpful is a ..."Would you have this guest back?  Yes or No"

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                  bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                  So how would you have handled a review for these 2 scenarios - actually 4 scenarios?  We never charged any of them a dime.


                  1st guest… left the place a mess (all dirty dishes and pots and pans), smashed some kitchen counter ceramic tiles and left an hour late. The ceramic tiles were not fixable.  We had no extra tiles laying around, so had to make a quick repair with bondo. And it probably took an extra hour just to clean the kitchen and do the dishes.  They got added to our never-rent-to-again list. 


                  2nd guest… hit the cattle guard structure with the front of their rental car.  It took my husband two days to rebuild the cattle guard structure.  These guests were from the UK and did not know how to drive on the right side of the road so likely misjudged the width of our one-lane driveway. Worst part is that they said nothing about it.  They got added to our never-rent-to-again list.  


                  3rd guest… broke the large firewood storage box and the stereo cabinet, and their dog was out of control smashing into walls and was unleashed when outside.  Took my husband 3 days to rebuild both units.  Worst part they said nothing about destroying these two units.  FYI, regarding the dog…when we allowed dogs, we did require them to be on leash when outside.  Reason is that we run cattle on the property (it is a ranch) and do not want strange dogs chasing the cattle.  Through the years we have lost 3 head of cattle that slid down the hill and fell to their death on this steep property. In any case, these people got added to our never-rent-to-again list. 


                  4th guest…honeymoon couple took the bed sheets and replaced them with an odd set that did not match anything - they said nothing.  We contacted them and asked for the sheets back, which were badly stained with dye from biodegradable confetti that left permanent marks on the sheets. Nice folks, but we were out a set of king bed sheets. FYI, we would welcome these guests back.      

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                    bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                    That dog that I previous mentioned, also jumped on the hot-tub cover and damaged it - frustrating.  Yes, we also tell people not to sit or stand on the cover - grrrr.  As for the pans, we replace non-stick pans regularly.  My husband and I can have the same pans last for several years, but a guest can ruin one in a weekend.  I buy our pans at Costco and consider it the price of doing business, since most people don't know the first thing about cooking.


                    We use a charcoal grill and not a gas grill since we know full well the hassle of keeping up a gas grill.  But we did have a couple of guests drop hot coals onto the wood deck causing damage and thus put them on our never-rent-to-again list.


                    Again…I would never have written a review of any of these guests. I wanted all of these issues to die quickly so I could sleep at night.  We are all different in that regard.


                    I just took another look at your photos and realized that it was not a pan, but a smooth cook-top that was damaged. I have no idea how I would have handled that one - that is awful!!!



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                      bobbie32 Premier Contributor

                      Afrer seeing and hearing all these horror stories, glad that this will be our last year…how sad that people have to be so disrespectful. 

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                        daninpcb Contributor

                        I don't like to just rate with stars. I would like to see comments like the ones Bobbie, Smoky1 and o999 mentioned.  As it stands I wouldn't give a traveler a bad review for fear of retaliation. They could easily change their information if they knew an owner had left a bad review. My question is why do they need to see how owners rate them?

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                          I believe there was a website called GuestChekker that allowed homeowners, hotel, and other business owners to secretly rate guests and it got shut down in the States so there is probably some law against it.

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                            margaret CommunityAmbassador

                            Thale said  "Once one party (owner or traveler) leaves a review, a 14 day clock starts. Neither owner or traveler can see the review until both have submitted"

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                              u0999 Premier Contributor

                              Low rating on house rules (1 star)

                              Low rating on house rules (1 star)

                              Low rating on house rules (1 star)

                              rating on house rules (3 star)

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                                u0999 Premier Contributor

                                Yes that would be the best part. "Would you have this guest back - Y/N". That , even without comments, would speak volumes.

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                                  daninpcb Contributor

                                  You are probably right. This was from a few years a go.

                                  The specified item was not found.

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                                    twomoreyears Senior Contributor

                                    Is anyone going to start telling their guests prior to arrival that we can review them?  I'm strongly tempted to (I've asked whether or not HA tells guests this, but no one seems to know), to at least put a little "fear of God" in them.


                                    Maybe this, as the last line in the final email to them prior to arrival: "Oh, by the way, in case HA didn't tell you - there is a new review system where they ask me to rate you as a guest.  I'm looking forward to giving you a perfect score!"

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