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    Does this inquiry sound suspicious

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      I can't figure out what I am worried about. Since the rental is is August, there is plenty of time for the check to clear. What do you think?


      Thank you so much for the quick respond! ... Am so happy to see your reply and also agreed with the price listed i think we will have a nice time there and yes we will like to proceed with the reservation, we are both not at home right now, as am in Ukraine for our business trip and we will be returning to state after have done here and that is why we making the booking now to avoid any delay. We'll like to complete the reservation before we get home. And i will like to know if there is internet facility or any nearby internet cafe because we will need to make use of internet? I'll make an arrangement with our Accountant to make and mail a Bank Check for the full amount through Regular Mail so we can be assured of our reservation because we will like to make full payment. I will instruct my Accountant to issue the Bank check in US Dollars for easy cashing at your bank. So provide me with the information she need below:

      Your Full Name,
      Billing Address {Not P.O.Box}
      Zip code
      Phone number / Cell phone.



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          anja Senior Contributor

          You feel uncomfortable because this is a common recipe for a scam inquiry.  For me, it  "screams" scam...I wouldn't bother responding any further with this person...do NOT deposit the cheque. Tear it up...it's phoney anyway. And, do not give her your "street address".

          Do a search in the Community Forum {use the search field above} for rental scam to read all that has been "discussed" here.

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            chrise New Member

            This rings many alarm bells for me. What nationality are they claiming to be? I would steer well clear of accepting any check in USD that has not been drawn against a US bank. Unless the guest holds a USD account I will not accept a check from them - I would ask for credit card / PayPal or wire.

            I may be wrong, but I'm not sure that a non-US (or non-global) bank would issue a check in what they would see as a 'foreign' currency. Also, I think it is possible that even if a check clears, the funds can still be reversed if the transaction is found to be fraudulent.

            I can just imagine this turning into "sorry - I sent you a check for too much. Please can you refund the difference to me".

            I may be too cynical

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              Just type in "Ukraine" at the search field at the top of this page; then you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's definitely a SCAM!

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                Thanks so much everybody. I have read on this site before to go with your first instinct, so I guess that is the

                right thing to do.....I appreciate your comments.

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                  cruisingal2 Contributor

                  Yes, to me that sounds suspicious....


                  I would like to ask an opinion on an inquiry I just rec'd... sorry, I am in a hurry and can't find the section to start a new post....


                  I rec'd an email from a person wanting to rent from 1 wk to a month because they are moving to the area from out of state.  She gave me one name, and then in another email with the same exact email address her last name changed.  Also, the first email had a phone # for Colorado, and when I decided I better talk to her in person over the phone because of my suspicions she gave me a "better" number with an Oklahoma phone number.  Both phone number were connected to websites where anyone can put "their business name" .... She also asked if I would allow 2 "nice dogs" as well.  Half of this sounds legitimate and half doesn't.  Will call her later today, but just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation.  The requested date is in less than 3 weeks, and I don't know how she expects me to handle a possible week to month reservation.  If I did do it, I would get all money up front, as always.  Thanks for your input!

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                      stjvilla Active Contributor

                      Boy, cruisingal2, that's a bit of a mess, isn't it?  We think you are right to be cautious.  If it was just one of those things, it would be believable (we each have our own last names, actually!) but the whole picture is very confused.  One minor thing, do you even accept dogs?  However, the duration of the stay is more important as it is too uncertain.  I would talk to them and say that you can't hold the place for a month and then have them only rent for a week, losing you other possible rentals.  If they are okay with booking for a set time and paying up front in a secure manner, then it's your call.  If they're not, then let it go.  If you feel like it, you could always recommend some other rental to them.


                      Let us know.

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                          cruisingal2 Contributor

                          Thanks stjvilla.  I do allow very small dogs, and so far it has worked out.  I haven't called them back yet, and I am not desparate enough to take chances with any renters.  I do my own screening with the internet and facebook... I can usually tell something from my research, and since I haven't been renting long, thank goodness I have never had to turn someone down for any other reason other than it being outside my policy rules.  I have had nothing but excellent renters.



                          I will let you know how things turn out after I call them.  And like I said, I don't know how they expected me to work the "not sure if I need it 1 week or a month" deal.  Because I would most certainly charge them for a month and extra clauses in the contract.



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                        I got the exact email word for word. I felt exactly like you that it was suspicious. I tried researching the name and did not come up with anything. Then I fell back on a tried and true research method. I put the entire email in quotes in google and found your post.


                        Now I have my answer and so do you. Mine was for July, and I almost lost a real renter. I may play with this fool and string him on with some price raises and see how long he carries on!


                        Glad I found your post!


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                          ttaylor0 Active Contributor

                          Any request or message that you get with the word, "Ukraine" in it, should not be replied to. It is that simple.