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    Has anyone ever done something like this request?

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      Hi all,

      I've been known to work with guests regarding payments in the past, but I just got this request. (See below). My initial thought is to just  say "NO" ,since I'd have to rewrite my contract - then set up an accounting system for this, etc.


      I understand times are tough, but I'm having a pretty good season ( actually a GREAT one - so far).  I lik to be nice ( that karma thing, ya know). 


      I respect all of my fellow forum peeps - so I'd love to get your thoughts !  Debj

      Here's the request:

      "Thank you for your reply. I have a question. Is it possible (at all) that I put a partial deposit down and then let you charge my card every other week for a set amount - so that we could pre-pay off the entire stay in advance and in smaller increments? For example. If we put $100.00 deposit then $61 every other week until 7/31 would pay off our 3 nights 8/31-9/3 by your (30) days prior to arrival requirement."

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          sophie Senior Contributor



          I wouldn't have a problem with it. It must be a debit card and not a credit card since they can only take out a certain amount.  However, if one payment is declined, I would probably cancel them and make them pay a cancellation fee.


          I think it would be nice of you to do this, they would probably be appreciative. Have they been nice to deal with?  It's easier to pay for something when you are making smaller payments and it doesn't hurt the wallet like a lump sum would. I say go for it and reap the good karma!

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              sophie Senior Contributor

              Oh, I just had another thought. Do you think it would be appropriate to add maybe $10 per night for the accounting, contract revisions, etc?  It sounds like they are on a budget though!

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                  Sophie, I know what you're saying.  Tis why I'm struggling with this.  But it is LABOR DAY weekend - my last biggie of the year. 


                  I think I'm going to suggest that they bank their money. I don't normally (what is normal about THIS year though?)  book Labor Day until  the 1st of June. By then they would have the Reservation funds, and have time to bank the balance before the end of July.


                  I guess I could offer to "hold" the date for $100 unitl June 1-  my policy for cancelling any reservation. is a $100 fee.   But then they'd be out of that. I don't know..,   Maybe I'm jsut having one of my "nice days'! ;-)


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                Most installment payment plans do have a service charge associated with them, e.g.  car insurance -- you can pay the annual premium upfront at the beginning of the year, or you can pay quarterly with an additional $5 service charge per payment, and so on. What are the terms for lay-away purchases at your local big box super store?

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                  I'm torn on this one too, because it's nice to be nice.  Are there any service charges you'll be hit with?  Hey, it's your call, but it sounds like extra work to me.  You're not a bank or a credit coach.  On the other hand, I've worked with people on terms, and had them return year after year.....SIGH.

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                      Well...no one with a charitable heart is going to like my opinion --- it's based on my experience as a novice, at the time --- when I was being charitable. One thing...consider that it costs a great deal to fly to my location so the long flight adds to the cost - a lot. A drive-to-destination may have a different outcome than what I experienced.  But, it is your call as already stated. I know everyone wants to be considerate.  My experience has educated me to never divert from my policy when it comes to payments.  I did this a couple of times, only. Once, it became an awful pain for me to "administrate" getting the money, it was pulling teeth because they always needed more time to "get it together"...they always had "emergencies" ...and couldn't pay on time...by instalment.  The second time the person ended up cancelling only after the second instalment --- they really could not afford the vacation from the get-go.  I got burned --- having to send them a refund {and all along the way I was turning down other interested people}. I was very new, my first year renting, when those two incidents occurred -- my fault for diverting from my policy.

                      I can't afford to fool around ...especially when people can't afford my place.  I'm always so flexible and accommodating...but payment is due when it is due.

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                      I have to agree with Anja, if they don't have the money now, they will not have it later. What you are doing is tying up a weekend that is sure to book, for a maybe will book.........so are you in the rental business to maybe make some money…...or are you in the rental business to make some money. If you need some guidance on what to do in various situations, always think, what would a hotel do………ex, would they take payments every other week………no they would not and neither should you.

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                        Anja is right. 


                        I'm a softie and understand your wanting to help them out, but sometimes the kindest thing to do is to not let them spend money they don't have.  If they can't afford this, they should find a cheaper vacation alternative.   Encourage them to save it up in a bank and if they succeed, by next year they could afford to pay up front. 

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                          I see absolutely no problem with their request.  It would cost me only a dollar or two more due to the mulitple credit card charges but would give me a happy renter.  They are giving you the deposit up front and paying you in full prior to your 30 day requirement.  So what's the problem if they give you some of it in advance of when it's due.  You get the use of the money earlier and each payment they have a larger stake in it to be sure to follow through.


                          I just had a person pay for a rental at my place where they did essentually the same thing... only the deposit was on a credit card as I requested and then they sent multple payments by check until they had it paid in full... well before the due date for their rental.


                          Again, I see no problem with it if that's' what they feel they need to do to budget their money.