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    received a link to a blog

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      I had a rental inquiry that looked promising.  The person emailed me several times in the same evening asking questions about what was included (hot tub, lift tickets, etc).  She finally said she would like to rent it.  I sent her a contract and pymt instructions.  When I didn't hear back a few days later I emailed to see if she was still interested.  I received a sort of vague email with a link.  Foolishly I clicked on it because I was perplexed by it.  It was a link to a blog.  I got another email frpm her a few days later.  I've had hardly any inquiries since then.  Its between rental seasons now so it may be coincidental, but I have a feeling I was scammed somehow.  I had a friend send me an inquiry that reached me, but I'm wondering if there is something I'm overlooking.  The inquiry also occurred the same week I got one of the 'overpayment via cashier check from Ukraine' inquires.  Any thoughts/feedback?