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    How do I see my post?

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      I posted about a week ago, and can't seem to find it.

      Can anyone help?

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          sodamo Contributor

          Must have been an error in posting as it only shows you making 1 post, and I believe that would be the one above



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            anja Senior Contributor

            Hi willy10,

            Welcome to the Owner Community section.  For a couple of seconds, I wondered why we couldn't see your post...but then I just found your original post by clicking on your 'icon' {the photo of the dolphin}...above...and saw it on your "profile" page.  Try it...you'll see your post then.


            But...it is not clear to me which forum topic you chose to post your comment....and ....second....your comment seems to be a recommendation of a place that you stayed in.  Were you just wanting to give other owners here in the Owner Community a tip about a nice place that  you experienced?   Or...did you have some question(s) in relation to the experience you had at that place...a question or a concern for other owners to comment on?   If it's the first, to start a discussion about a travel experience you had,  it would be better if you posted it in the "Traveler Community" section  {as opposed to the Owner Community section}.  The basis of any post is to initiate a discussion, to ask question(s), probe, get advice.  But, try to take a "journey" over the Traveler Community (use the top navigation bar on this page...click on the word "Traveler"...it's just under "Owner" to get there}.


            And, any time you want to post a remark or question in the Owner Community section, first decide which "forum" your comment relates to: open the drop-down box at the top of this page for "forum" and choose ...then post your comment.  It will stay "published" in that category for you and others to find and respond to.