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    Anyone Raising Interest With Pinterest?

    rentmore Active Contributor

      Anyone Raising Interest With Pinterest?


      I was wondering if anyone is using Pinterest to promote their vacation rental.

      For those that don't know Pinterest it's a virtual pin-board website where you can add, amongst other things, photographs.

      It's also the hottest social media thing at the moment.

      More importantly the presentation is gorgeous.


      You can't just sign up though, you have to apply for an invite, but I applied and was invited after just a few days.

      Here's what I did.


      My account name is rentmore and I created a board called "my vacation rental home" (as an example for you) and I posted some atmospheric photographs to that board. I also saved the board in the category "holidays".


      You can see the results here http://pinterest.com/rentmore/my-vacation-rental-home/


      As I said, eye-candy for potential guests.


      That's a great URL too, easy to remember, does what it says on the tin. So think before signing up and creating boards!


      As I said I think the presentation is lovely. It's frowned upon to be spammy so be as creative as you can. You can "pin" any image or video on the web so this could be stunningly good for showcasing places of interest, local towns, villages, golf courses etc. that are near to your vacation rental.


      Other advantages are the "Post to Facebook button" and the "Twitter" button, so it's easy to spread the word (board).


      It's just another way to make a great impression. 


      For lots more on making a great impression see http://rentmoreweeks.com 


      Are you using Pinterest? 

      If so share your boards here in the comments section.