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    Vacation Rentals In NYC

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      I am really confused and am hoping I can get some current information about this...

      As a vacation rental owner, my first instinct when planning a trip to New York City with some friends was to look for a vacation rental. Both VRBO and HomeAway have hundreds of listings in New York. It was overwhelming to find some that would suit us, but I did... inquired, got quotes, etc. No problem. But when I went online to try and find out more information about the ones we were considering, I came across several discussions about the fact that it is illegal to rent an apartment in New York City for less than 30 days.


      So here is my question... why are all of these rentals still being advertised on VRBO and HomeAway if they are illegal?

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          The ban is State wide and not just for New York City dwellings. But, there are categories of housing where it is illegal and some categories that are still permissible. Take a look at this article where the law is explained: http://www.protect-vacation-rentals.com . If you are concerned that you may have rented an illegal dwelling, i.e. a multi-unit apartment building or condo in the illegal category, you might want to first ask the owner and then decide how to proceed. The article I attach actually states that the law is passed but enforcement will take place only when complaints are received - for example by neighbors. As far as HA-VRBO's listings are concerned, I would imagine, although I do not speak for HA-VRBO, that the company's responsibility lies solely with providing the advertising space for owners -and not for examining or "policing" whether the properties are legal or not. I can not, and do not speak for HA-VRBO...it's only my assumption. Perhaps they will or already are in the process of asking for owner's verification of legality -- but again if their role and responsibiltiy is to provide ad space, do they need to seek verification?  I do not have the answer --- HA/Legal would.  But, again, I assume that it's the honor system among the owners that prevails.