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    Fourth of July week-what days to upcharge as a holiday rate?

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      I upcharge 10% for holidays, but really don't know how many days of a holiday week, such as a 7/1-7/5 booking I should count as a holiday. Any suggestions?

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          sophie Senior Contributor

          I would charge exactly those dates for a "holiday" rate. You need to look at when the holiday falls ie: if the 4th is on a Monday, I would start the holiday rate on Friday night and end on Tuesday night. If the holiday is on Wednesday, I would charge the 2 days before and 2 days after.

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              amyg Active Contributor

              Every area is different, so you might want to check similar listings to yours on VRBO or Homeaway (wherever your property is listed) to see how they handle holiday periods.  For example, I know owners in my area who charge a 3 night minimum holiday rate for some holidays (like MLK, Memorial and Labor Day) but 5 night minimum holiday rate for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  I personally charge 3 nights at the holiday rate for July 4th but you may want to set 4 or 5 nights because that's more the standard for your area.  And like Sophie suggested, our holiday rate dates float from year to year, depending on where the holiday falls. 

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              susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

              How's this for irony? Our rentals are Sunday to Sunday so easy peasy. Holiday up charge of $100. for  guests leaving 7/5. Just this week , our esteemed mayor and city council changed the fireworks display to July 5th. The reasoning is that there are about an extra 100,000 people in town for the fireworks and Saturday is always the worst day and night for any problems. with the fireworks on July 5, there would likely be more police, ambulance & firetrucks available if need be.


              For the life of me, I can't understand why this wasn't decided a long, long time ago. July 4 was always going to be on a Saturday in 2015. I emailed the guest to let him know and offer all money back including the processing cost or return of the $100. extra charge. He's happy to have the $100. back.

              I emailed the guests checking in 7/5 . I wanted to let them know of the change with the option to cancel with all money returned. They are in their 80's so thought they might not want to be in town for the craziest night of the year. Also, wanted them to know that I'm sticking with the contract price but they are getting a holiday without the holiday rate. Haven't heard back yet


              I thought I'd feel better venting here but I'm still upset at the idiotic city council.