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    What does Non Smoking mean?

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      Non-smoking - means we don't rent to smokers.

      Non-smoking - means you can't smoke in the condo, but you can smoke outside.


      Which is it?


      I am dealing with a couple who are smokers. They are going outside to smoke. I dropped in to fix something and could immediately tell they were smoking outside and masking the smell inside with spray and open windows. The front door security indicates they are going outside often in the early morning and evening when they return.


      I am sure they think they are in compliance because they aren't smoking in the condo. Our contract is clear about no smoking in the condo, nor on the balcony. Our HOA rules are clear that there is no smoking in public areas, nor anywhere smoke could drift into another condo. Our description is clear that we are a non-smoking unit. Before accepting a request to book, I call each renter to ensure they understand that this is a non-smoking condo. They assured me its not a problem.


      I have changed my condo description to state Non-Smokers only. Stating Non-Smoking does not stop smokers from renting your condo.


      I am allergic to cigarettes - I get a headache, burning eyes, and nausea. Ugh, this nice couple is making me so upset. I am going to check into holding their damage deposit. If I confront them now, I am afraid they will smoke in the unit and make it worse.

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