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    Custumer support please Phishing???




      I received this email from a guest who will be staying on my property in June forwarding an email he has been sent by VRBO. The listing number is not my property and the listing seems to be non existent on both VRBO and Home Away. Is this a phishing email? Unfortunately he answered by clicking on the link in the email. Although the listing doesn't reference my property he's concerned that he may have a problem. Any help will be appreciated.






      From: VRBO Customer Support <support-cs@vrbo.com>
      To: "xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com" <xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com>
      Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 3:41 PM
      Subject: Urgent Notice – Listing # xxxxx (Case n° 04006642) – PLEASE READ ref:_00D708VtP._50070LKFLF:ref

      Website: VRBO.com

      Property number: xxxxx

      Description: Re: VRBO.com Listing xxxxx

      Headline: Luxury Ocean Front Villa--$250/Night

      Location: Hauula, HI

      Dear Traveler,

      We are sending this notification to alert you that we have a security concern.  This email address was recently used to send an inquiry on our site for a possible rental of the vacation rental listed above.

      We have reason to believe that this vacation rental owner's or property manager's account or email account may have been breached and that the inquiry you submitted may have been intercepted. This unfortunate issue is commonly referred to as internet phishing.  When we learned of this potential breach, we moved promptly to suspend the owner's or property manager’s vacation rental listings, and we are currently in the process of working with the owner or property manager to reinstate the their listings on our site with a revised account.

      Once the vacation rental listings are reactivated, we will notify you and you can then reinitiate contact with the owner or property manager through our inquiry system or by calling the phone number on their listing. At that time we will provide you with instructions to view the vacation rental listing again on our site. Please use caution making a payment for a deposit or rental of this listing until this listing displays on our site again. As always, be careful about your means of payment, call the phone number on the listing before paying to confirm the amount and instructions, and note that we advise against sending any payment details (such as credit card information) by email.

      Learn more about renting safely from our Security Center at:


      Kind regards,

      VRBO.com Trust and Security



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          It would appear that he inquired a property that has since been pulled off of the site by VRBO. It doesn't have anything to do with you but with him and on the inquiries he has made. The would be scammers would be looking to intercept the owners account, not the renters. vrbo or the owner probably figured something out and notified the people who inquired and pulled the listing.  He shouldn't have anything to worry about as he has booked with you and talked with you. If you haven't spoken to him on the phone, I would immediately call him to calm his fears and to tell him that he's not been scammed.