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    Excel template for accounting for rentals

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      I have two condo's I just started renting and I'm using Excel for the accounting.  It would sure help if I could find a template someone smarter than me has developed rather than try to create one from scratch. Any suggestions? Don

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          I developed a spreadsheet to track and categorize all my rental property expenses, but I can't upload it here -- excel files are not permitted file-types by the Homeaway community.  If you'd like a copy, send me a private message with your email. 


          I have only one property, but I've expanded the spreadsheet to allow you to track multiple properties if you need to.  (I've blanked out my item descriptions and payee info except for a few samples, and changed the actual payment amounts around for privacy reasons, but you should be able to get the general idea.  )


          There are two tabs, one where I record every payment along with the property, the date and quarter, the class of expense ( a list is at the top to remind me what they are), the actual description of what I bought/paid for, the payee, and the amount.  I do this every day so it takes only minutes.  After you've entered the various classes of payments once, Excel auto-fills so you don't need to type the whole thing over. 


          The summary tab allows you to summarize the data for any fiscal quarters and years you select using an excel pivot table.  For capital expenses, we have to track the actual quarter, while for other expenses, we just use the annual summary. If you update the expense tab, you will need to "refresh" the summary table. 


          Hope this is helpful!


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            I would be grateful for a copy of the spreadsheet as well. Thanks so much!



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              This is a copy/template of the Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of reservations, dates, rental amounts & tax amounts collected, cleaning fees paid, ReservationManager ("RM") fees paid, refunds issued, number of nights rented, payments received, payments due, and which site the booking came from.  I have found it very helpful in the management of my one (and now will soon have our second) vacation rental property.  Our accountant was very appreciative of such a comprehensive accounting! 


              Just a short note of explanation for column I ("RM Fee 2.5%") related to the Refundable Deposit in column G/H…..this is a positive figure ($4.99) instead of a negative figure like the RM fees in the other columns, because we are not charged the 2.5% on the deposit (when refunded) since it was already deducted when the original payment was made.  This figure is the amount that VRP has added to the deposit amount that was withdrawn from our account when the refund was processed.  (In other words, in my case since my refundable security deposit is $200, $195.01 was withdrawn from my account when the refund was processed and VRP added $4.99 to it so that the customer receives their entire $200 back in the credit.)


              Row 33 has formulas that totals up the figures in the columns for a running total of the data as it is entered.


              For some reason, I was not able to attach my .xls file to this post, so I uploaded it to Google and made it available to anyone who has the link.  It can be found here:




              Just click the "Down" arrow in the top left corner to download the Excel spreadsheet.


              I hope it is helpful to someone else….

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                Hope you've found what you're looking for by now. Even my managing company The Rental Management Company uses a very comprehensive spreadsheet to maintain records.

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                  I suspect you have found what you are looking for already, but just thought I would mention the Vacation Rental Goldmine Dashboard.  It is a spreadsheet that helps you manage all aspects of your Vacation Rental including reservations, financials, guest communications and provides a lot of data analytics.  It color codes activities by date to assist with staying on track and even makes rate recommendations based on your booking performance.


                  I am including the link to the Goldmine Toolkit webpage below.

                  The Goldmine Toolkit | The Vacation Rental Goldmine