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    An Endearing Tale of a Pet

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      We have four lake rental properties, two with VRBO and have I got a pet story that has to top all pet stories.  Last week we hosted a family reunion here at the lake.  All of our cabins were rented to the same group.  We have one cabin that is designated as the only "pet friendly" cabin.  After arrival and check-in when everyone was settled, the guest in the "pet friendly" cabin came up to me and said that they had brought their dog and would I like to see it.  Being nice and a dog lover I said sure I'd like to see it.  She took me to her cabin, opened the door and to my amazement, there in front of me stood a fawn white-tailed deer.  The deer was obviously only a couple of weeks old.  She explained that a week before her teenage son came upon a doe that had been hit by a car laying alongside the road.  The fawn was curled up next to it and wouldn't leave.  He called his mom and she told him to bring it back to their farm where they bottle fed it every 2 hours.  They had this reunion planned and didn't know what to do so they brought the deer.  The fawn was so cute.  It jumped and played around the cabin and slept with their son.  It even licked my face when I held it.  They would take it outside to do it's business.  The cabin was really clean when they left and there were no spots on the floor.  I told them they would probably not believe me that this was the first time we had a deer stay with us.  Their plan was to keep it till it is weaned and then find a home in a preserve.  That would be a neat end to this story.



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          That's a lovely story... I think if someone turned up here with a fawn it wouldn't be a problem... would fit in quite well with our llamas, pet sheep, goats etc. Certainly a lot better behaved that some of the dogs we have had over the years!

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            That's a cute story!  Thank you so much for sharing!

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              What a wonderful story!  How heartbreaking, and uplifting...


              And inspiring.  It brings to mind that, one way or the other, everything that we do makes a difference.  And, that all of God's creatures need loving.


              These guests were obviously kind and special people, to have taken the time to stop by the roadside and tenderly pull

              the lost fawn away from the only safety it had ever known.  You, in turn, had the generosity of spirit and the grace to "take a chance" and extend hospitality to this whole family, deer included, under your roof.


              A simple tale, seen from one point of view, and from another an epic tableaux.  Yet that seems to be how blessings generally show up, many times.


              Thank you for so much sharing. I also loved the pic.



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                What a great story!

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                  Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Diane.


                  Also, I agree with Paul, I love the picture!

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                    You know, I had seen this picture on the top of the HA ad....and thought it was just that - a canned photo!  What a sweet story.


                    We're also pet friendly.  In fact our German shepard, Shady, is one of the pix we feature on our ad - No. 59729.  She loved Bald Head Island, NC and ALWAYS knew when we were packing up the car that she was going too!  Unfortunately, she just got too old for the trip, and this past July, we had to put Shady to sleep.  You're going to think I'm silly, but I LOVE the fact that she remains part of our advertisement and part of our favorite place in the world!