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    recommendation for property managers?

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      Hi Everyone, I am looking for recommendations for excellent property managers. I have a beautiful 3-bedroom in Noe Valley that I want to prepare for vacation rentals as soon as possible. I am looking for someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. Thanks in advance and any leads would be hugely appreciated!

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          My name is Robin and I have 2 properties in the Mission that I manage.  I would be very interested in talking to you about managing yours.  My properties rent from $400-$1,400/ night and I usually am booked pretty solid.  Last year my smaller property which is a 3 bedroom only had 22 vacant nights.


          I have helped numerous friends set up their vacation rentals and helped them get started by doing everything like designing and decorating, stocking the house, listing the properties, creating contracts and making the reservations.

          Once the rentals were up and running and making money I turned them back over to the owners.


          Now I am really interested in managing other properties.  I don't work other than running my vacation rentals so I have plenty of time.  I love the vacation rental business and have turned my rentals into a very lucrative business.  Also, I turn away guests everyday because I am booked and it woudl be great to have another property to put them in.


          You can check out my rentals here 





          My email is robin@lacasaverdesf.com   I would love to talk further with you about this.


          Thanks,  Robin

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              Hi Robin,


              I really love sharing my second home with guests and love doing it through VRBO and Home Away.  My son-in-law is also considering adding a unit to mine on our property.  Right now I'm getting lots of business since just starting this in January.  Previously only family stayed there.  There may be a time in the future when I'll need to turn this over to someone else but right now I'm having too much fun.  So I know how you feel.


              We are coming back to stay in our unit at the end of March and would love too share our property with you.  I am familiar with your fabulous house as first saw it on the Precita Eyes tour of the neighborhood murals. 


              I'm going to send you my cell # and also give you my San Francisco phone.  We'll be there March  28th (evening) and leaving April 5th.  Let's get together over coffee/tea and share our stories!


              360-0440-3789 (c) and 415-829-8319 (unit)


              Best to you,





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                Hello Robin,


                Congratulation on your successful business. 

                How do you deal with the City law that supposedly states that Vacation Rentals in SF are illegal if rented for less than 30 days?!

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                    Hi sfrentals,


                    Have you looked at the thread below?




                    Your comments in that thread would be greatly appreciated.


                    When I read the vacation rental ban regulation, I saw that it only applies to buildings with 4 or more units.


                    The regulation also says that if your building has 4 or more units, the only people who can make a legal complaint are long-term tenants living in the same building.


                    That is the way the regulation is written; if you check on the link provided in the thread above, you can read the regulation for yourself.


                    Also note that City Planning Codes are a different animal completely.  It is possible to have a vacation rental operating in a 3-unit building, and therefore NOT violating the vacation rental ban regulation (because it has less than 4 units), BUT ...it may be violating some planning code or another.  If you want to be sure that you are OK, accroding to planning codes, I believe you would need to check with the Planning Dept and see what codes apply to your particular building.


                    And with regard to violation of City Planning Codes, I believe anybody can complain about those (including neighbors, etc), not just long-term tenants living in the same building.  So the City Planning Codes are definitely something to be informed and cognizant about.


                    One thing I think is helpful to remember is that a good portion of the housing in S.F. involves the long-term rental of "illegal in-law units" or buildings that have had remodeling or whole room additions done without permit.  These things, which are accepted as just "part of life in San Francisco," are all in violation of City Planning Codes. 


                    I don't know if any vacation rentals are in violation of city planning codes, but if they are, I would find it very amusing for anyone to see it as an outrage or serious problem .. given all the other much more serious violations of City Planning Code going on!  And especially since we are paying hotel taxes / tourism fees of 15% to 16% on every reservation of 29 days or less.  When you're getting $30,000 in occupancy fees per year for one apartment, that $4500 or more in hotel taxes / tourism fees per year.  This is additional revenue that the city hadn't even counted on.  And it's not small peanuts ... heck, the hotel tax we paid for just one little apartment last year was about 5X what many of the neighbors on our street paid in annual property tax ... for their WHOLE BUILDING.


                    As a side note: Our apartment has been mostly booked over the past year with long-term monthly renters, which is definitely according to all the planning codes.  The downside is: now the city isn't getting much revenue from us.  If I were the City, I would have much preferred it when we were sending in those nice hotel tax payments every month. 

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                  HI, My name is Jackie and my husband and I live in San Francisco and own a home in Napa that we purchased four years ago specifically to rent out as a vacation rental. I built the business myself from the ground up and continue to manage it. It is very successful and I would be open to talking to you about how I could help you be successful by managing your business. Our website is www.napasanssouci.com and those e-mails come right to me if you would be interested in contacting me.