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    maid/cleaning service to inventory the unit?


      Hi all,


      Given that I'll be providing the maid/cleaning service with a check list of what should be in the 2BR/1Bath unit, is it reasonable to ask them to perform a physical inventory after each renter?


      Is it reasonable to ask them to take photographs between renters so that I have proof if "new" damage appears?




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          If you are employing housekeepers you can request anything you want and I think what you ask is totally reasonable.  If you have housekeepers that refuse, you might want to search for someone who is willing.

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            Hi Rich

                 I own an Executive Housekeeping service in Maine that specializes in rental home cleaning.  We as part of our yearly service,  when opening a home and closing a home do a complete inventory of bed linens, bath linens and kitchen items.  We also send an itemized inventory to each clients with a list of suggestions of things that should be replaced or updated.  As well as any needed photos to back up our suggestions if needed.

            After a renter departs the first thing my girls do is a walk thru of the home.  They document any pertinent information about the condition of the home and items in the home or excessive cleaning situation that must be addressed and may take longer to clean. They also photograph any problems/ damage/ excessive mess with a time and date stamp.  This provides proof for us and our homeowner that the problem existed upon our entering the home.  They then call me and make me aware of the situation and I may have to go to the home or notify the home owner immediately.  At the end of each cleaning day I myself gather all of the notes and photos and send to each homeowner a cleaning report for that day.  My home owners are always aware of the condition/problems in their home should any arise.  I find this very helpful expecially in the case of damages and excessive cleaning time, in which cases a homeowner will fall back on the renter for

            reimbursement or to back up holding a security deposit. 

            Not only can you ask for the inventory it should be included in your cleaning services or caretaking services.  I hope you find this helpful..  Tina