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    Giving my IP as a way for renters to check they are dealing with Owner (and not a fake Owner)

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      I am thinking of including the following verbiage at my website as a way for potential renters to determine if they are dealing with the Owner (and not a fake owner).


      To confirm you are communicating with the Owner:

      1. Check Owner’s email header info. It should say “X-Originating-IP: [xx.xxx.xxx.xxx]”. Google "how to check ip address in an email".

      2. or, Call Owner at the number listed in this ad.


      At least for the tech savy renter (or those that googled "how to check ip address in an email), they can check the Owner's originating IP in the email header info (#1), else they can call (#2).


      I'm not sure if I should go ahead with it, or not. Anybody thinks this is a good idea, or not a good idea?