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    Be Careful of Fraudulent Cashier Checks!

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      Last year a business acqaintance of ours who was a distributor for a very expensive equipment business - mentioned to us that he had just lost $15,000 when he was sent a fraudulent cashiers check, he shipped out his merchandise and since they had over paid, he also refunded the difference. There was nothing he could do because all of their business information was fraudulent.  This past month we had a renter who had reserved 6 weeks but we never received their deposit. We finally advised them that we were renting their dates to another party; we immediately received a federal express letter with a fraudulent name and address with a cashiers check that covered the deposit and complete rental. I was immediately suspicious and refused to allow them to move in until their check cleared. Guess what! Within days our bank notified us that it was Fraud. Oh! They had also overpaid us and asked us to send the difference to their travel agency which their business had made a mistake and put the entire air fare and rental in the same check. I am so glad that we were aware of the scam our friends got caught up in - and a big, red flag was in our face.We did not get hurt - except for losing a couple of weeks rental. Beware of this type of scam happening in our industry. Best wishes to all our friends struggling to do everything right while there are so many out there thinking of ways to hurt all of us attempting to take care of our guests.