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    First Crazy Booking of 2012


      Just had to cancel a booking. See  guests reasoning below, she have had my contract for over  month  for her review. I know she read the contract, has she was planning to have a function at the villa, without prior permission. The clause in the contract requires owner' s permission and she called to asked my permission. The same contract had the terms of payment.


      I am sorry but I had never paid in advance for any vacation rental. I only pay a deposit.  I have rented vacation villas in the US and outside and never pay in full until after we get there and everything is as agreed upon.  What recourse would we have if we paid you already then go there and nothing is as you promised or a hurricane came through a week before and you never got around to fixing the place and we are stuck.  We can't take that chance.  Even with a hotel you pay upon arrival or depature and only secure the reservation to prevent a no-show.


      Furthermore, we have one bad experience renting a house from a person in Puerto Rico who never returned our deposit despite leaving the place as agreed upon.  He just never returned any phone calls or emails and when we left he said everything was fine and that he would mail us back our deposit via mail.  He stole our deposit.  Therefore we are concerned about renting places outside the country and have decided that we will settle the account completely at the end of any rental just like you do at a hotel to prevent this from happening again because we have no recourse after we leave.

      We sincerely hope that it is agreeable to you to settle the account in full in Jamaica upon arrival and if there is anything due to either parties when we check out.  Otherwise we will have to resort to going to another place and it is too late for all of this.   We have our tickets purchased and everyone is planning to come so I need to know right away if we have to look for another place to stay.