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    NEW Remote/Learning Thermostat by Former Apple Engineer (Nest)

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      Has anyone seen this new product that was just released?  It's called the "Nest" and it's a new kind of thermostat that can both be controlled remotely, and can 'learn' and help save energy costs.  You can manually change the temperature, but it also 'learns' when you're home and when you're not, when you're sleeping, etc and adjusts automatically around your lifestyle.


      Here's one article on it by Bloomberg:



      Has anyone used anything like this, and can they share their experiences? 


      Positives that I see:

      - Would be great to fire up the heat (or AC) before I head to the house to use it (I am 30 minutes away from my rental)

      - Would be great to turn the AC or heat off (or low) when it is unoccupied without needing to head there

      - Would be great to just monitor my own usage, compare to prior years, and compare to other users (is my usage extraodinarily high? low?).  I haven't seen it explicitly stated that they offer this, but I'm willing to bet they do or will.  It's a no-brainer.


      Potential negatives I see:

      - With transient traffic, I don't know how it can learn since everyone might be different.  Might need to reset the learning constantly?

      - Not sure how renters will feel about a thermostat that adjusts itself at all.  Anyone using programmable thermostats now?  Seems like that would have the same problem.  Maybe it's better to just turn the learning off when renters are there - or give them clear instructions how to do so if it's a problem.


      I have to admit, it looks awesome, but I am a sucker for a cool new device. 






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          The thermostat does look cool! The learning option would be nice for home, but really, programming your schedule into a programmable one is the same thing without the system having a "learning curve" for itself.


          The Trane thermostat we use at our vacation rentals does similar tasks. I can control it from my phone or computer, it sends alerts each time someone messes with it (optional - I turn that off sometimes so that I stop getting text messages all through the night when they adjust it), keeps a history of usage and compares it to the outside temps, and sends alerts if the temp in the house gets above or below a certain temperature (optional to turn on).


          I always check the temp after housecleaning leaves, as they and guests always forget to adjust the temp to the appropriate level. And with Missouri crazy weather, sometimes the guests will have the heat on at night and then switch it to cool for the day. Last week it was left on cool when a cold front came through. I was thankful that the system alerted me that the house was at 55 degrees and I was able to jump on my phone and turn the heat on.


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              I have been in the wrong thread for wireless thermostats and research is limited as well. Schlage system depends upon the wifi in the rental property and that rules it our for my wife since not being there we have no way of knowing when the wireless goes down and we all know that will be as a guest arrives late at night.

              One unit has one thermostat; the keyless door is Resort Lock and to my knowledge there is not a wireless thermostat which works concomitanly with it. So am looking for a thermostat which does and depends on my wireless and computer and not the one in the unit.

              Any ideas?

              Secondly another unit has four bedrooms and two thermostats.. What are the obstacles here?


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              We're waiting to check this out when it is released. I hope it will be affordable and what we want. I'm not sure I understand the comment about wifi. If wifi goes down, it usually comes back on. Wifi seems like the only way remote systems could work to me.


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                  The keyless entry system we have is not dependent upon the wireless in the condo unit so that if there is a problem with the wireless in the rental unit, the guest can still operate the door by using the number given to her by the computer controlled by the owner wherever she might be.. thus if her wirelss is down will know it. The good news in this set up is that if the wireless is not working in the unit at the time of arrival and it is late at night the guest still can get in the unit.

                  Hope this clears up the discussion. For that reason I am searching for a thermostat that may be controlled by the owner's computer and wireless wherever she is.