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    Best site for Phoenix area rental


      For those of you in AZ, I'm wondering which is the best site to advertise on. Thanks!

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          I would highly recommend both VRBO & Home Away.  I tried many other ones, and nothing.. Good luck with your Vacation Rental.

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                  While we advertise on VRBO, HomeAway & Vacation Rentals.com and have been a part of all these before they were even called "HomeAway" since 2004, I would seriously have at least one or two listings outside of the HomeAway community.


                  Some others have worked well for us such as Rentalo.com (allows for "Destination Inquiries", unlimited photos, and is very professional/well-organized), VacationRentalPeople.com (UK based but surprisingly lucrative and places your listing on Craigslist) and FlipKey.com, the vacation rental engine owned by the popular "TripAdvisor" website with 3-month free trial, which so far has been great (especially when you can search vacation rentals in results on TripAdvisor itself, without having to go directly to the vacation-rental-only FlipKey site)!


                  Other sites such as AlwaysOnVacation.com and Villa4Vacation.com have fluctuated for us, but it never hurts to try free sites like TrollTraveler.com, TravelEHome.com and PickPackGo.com, among others. Don't forget attractive free options like Craigslist and of course your own Facebook page!  Here's ours:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-AZ-Resort-Vacation-Rental/141497909235247