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    New HA dashboard feature

    kiawahcottage Active Contributor

      The second porch people have put a feature on the HA dashboard.  It says create buzz about your home publish a slideshow to FB.  It was pretty simple.  You have to give HA full access to your FB  (which is creepy) but it works well.  I just did it on my fan page and  although my pictures are not the best it came out surprisingly good.


      I will probably put together some more albums and do  it again next week.  Also, I will see if I can get my guests to put up  some pics and turn them into a slideshow as well.


      I would suggest you try this before they start charging for it!


      I'm not sure if you have to log into FB to see it.




        • New HA dashboard feature

          Creepy? Perhaps at first glance, but it's pretty common for third-party applications to integrate with Facebook. In fact, this 'ecosystem' is part of what makes Facebook succeed. As I discussed a few months ago, every month more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites, and through application integrations.


          By the way, you can see which applications you have authorized to interact with your Facebook account by logging into your account, then visiting https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications. If you see something in your authorized list you don't like, or no longer need, you can easily remove the authorization.



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          • New HA dashboard feature
            evansbnc New Member

            I just tried it and uploaded a video to my property page on FB. It was easy and took < 3min.  I never noticed that link at the bottom of the HA Owner's dashboard.  Thanks for making us aware of it!




            • New HA dashboard feature
              New Member

              Simple, yes.... What I expected? No.


              We have 12 photos on our VRBO, plus our profile picture.  When I pressed the play button to see our slideshow, it just kept showing our profile picture over & over.  I published anyway.


              When I go to my FB page, it simply links to VRBO.  Great to get people on my page, but still no slideshow.



                • New HA dashboard feature
                  leah Contributor

                  Hi Jennifer,


                  Glad to see you were able to use our new Facebook slideshow feature and that the process was simple.  I wanted to let you know that we were informed of the issue with your Owner Profile picture appearing as part of the slideshow, and we have since corrected this.  When you are ready to publish another slideshow, it will include your property photos.


                  Thanks for sharing your feedback via the Community and please keep us posted on any other questions.



                  Leah, Product Marketing Manager