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    Is there a list somewhere of "bad renters?"

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      I have a house that was just rented for a week.  The renters passed the normal checks but completely trashed the house (not literally but really treated the house badly).  When I mentioned it to another local he actually knew the last name of my renters and told me that they were legendary on the island as bad renters.  Is there anywhere where I could look up past history or any “do not rent” lists? Thanks!

        • Is there a list somewhere of "bad renters?"
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          I've used www.Guestchecker.com for about a year now. It's a renter blacklist posted by other short term accomodation providers. You can report the guest for trashing your property, being rude, noisy, etc. You can also look up your next guest to see if they've been reported by someone else. It's especially useful in a small community like an island. Bad renters usually stick to a certain area and the sooner you let the others in the area know about them, the better.
          I hope you held a deposit on them.