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    Is there a way to rate/review renters??

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      My most recent guests demanded that I refund them money etc stating the house was dirty.  I came over the next day and what they stated was dirty was a kitchen cutting board (2 large brand new ones were on the counter) and a pastry brush.  I am new to this VRBO, I have never rented to strangers.  I was so afraid of a bad review that I refunded them part of their rent.  After talking with other VRBO owners here on the Outer Banks I have learned that this is fairly common.  Is there a way we can warn other VRBO members of a bad guest???

        • Is there a way to rate/review renters??
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          Hi Molly,


          Thanks for posting on Community. While you wait to hear from other members, I wanted to let you know that others have asked a similar question in our "Screening" Forum. You can check out those related discussions here.


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          • Is there a way to rate/review renters??

            Huh! I had similar issues - the guests complained that "they left the house cleaner than it was, do not charge the cleaning fee" - my answer was firm - you signed the contract,  I paid for the cleaner, forget it.


            Be wery firm in what you allow  people to claim. I did promise interenet and phone and on the first day  for one couple both stalled - so I did charge them less, because these were important expectations, and they were not fixed immediately.


            But anybody saying "the house was dirty" is suspect.

            • Is there a way to rate/review renters??
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              I can't believe how many people there are looking for a way to rate and screen guests. Yes, Molly there are several ways. You can, of course, do a background check. But this is won't really tell you about their history as a rental guest.

              My company uses two services:
              1) Guestchecker.com which covers north america and is free.

              2) Guestscan.com which covers western europe and is $80/year.

              There is another service here in the US called badvacationrenter but only list vrbo guests, whereas the other two services list guests of all types: vacation rental, hotel, motel, b&b, etc.


              Guestchecker got a lot of press about a year ago. I did a google search and found a news channel report HERE. It explains how the process works. I really like the part where the hotel manager is talking about how many people can fit into a hottub. He is dead on!