In this final post in the Social Marketing 101 series I’ll provide you with lists of tools to assist with managing your content, monitoring the social web and determining which of your efforts are effective.


Monitoring the Social Web and Managing Your Content:

There are many free, or inexpensive, tools available to help you monitor the social web for mentions of your vacation rental location, travel and events that are relevant to you. There are also free or low cost tools that can help you schedule in advance the content you want to publish on your accounts, as well as keep track of engagement happening with your accounts.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of tools available; these are just some of the more popular ones on the market now.


The best thing to do would be to test these tools and see which work best for you. Scheduling content ahead of time is a helpful time saver, and I’d recommend trying the tools below that allow you to both schedule content and monitor your account.  Another time saver is finding the best tool that will allow you to keep track of the interactions happening with your accounts in one location.



Determining if your Efforts are Effective:

Once you have started your social marketing efforts you’ll want to determine what is working well and what isn’t, so you can focus on the most productive activities.  Within Facebook and YouTube are in depth analytics data that will provide you insight into your account growth, content that is most engaging, where your fans are located and more.  Beyond using the information that the networks provide, there are more free tools that help you gauge your overall social presence. For Twitter- there are countless free tools to help you measure performance.  Below is a list of some of the most used tools, but again, this is not a comprehensive list and you might find additional services that work better for your needs.





With that, I’ve covered the basic phases to getting started with social media marketing. I look forward to seeing the conversations about what works for your vacation rental in theCommunity Forums and in this group.



Jennifer Stafford

HomeAway Social Media Manager