How to prepare your home for large groups

    Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for large groups. Feel free to share what you do to prepare your vacation rental for large groups.

    Make sure you take advantage of all the spaces you have in your vacation rental. If you have a large room think about creating it into a suite. Tips to create a suite within your suite:

    • Add doors to the entry of the room
    • Add built-in shelving which allows for more vertical storage
    • Add a bed
    • Add a small kitchen area by adding counter space inside the suite

    Large groups can put wear and tear on things like your flooring and painted walls and cabinetry. Here are some suggestions on how to extend the life of these items:

    • Furnishing - opt for smaller pieces that take up less space
    • Paint - invest in good quality paint for your walls and cabinetry
    • Carpet - add rugs in high traffic areas to extend the life of your carpet
      • Keep in mind that rugs can be a tripping hazard so ensure that you have pictures, a virtual tour, or a detailed description of how the guests can move around the home. If you're concerned about wear-and-tear on your flooring consider investing in hardwood floors.

    Watch the video above to learn more.