Put your best price forward


    Many travelers say price is the most important factor in booking decisions. Read about how you can stay competitive with your pricing or visit the Discovery Hub page here:

    Seeing a long list of fees in your price quote could deter travelers from your listing.

    • Avoid having more than 2-3 fees.
    • Build in common fees, such as electricity and admin fees, to your advertised base rate so travelers experience less “sticker shock” at the final quote.

    Seasonal rates
    Maximize bookings by adjusting your rates during periods when demand is high or low in your market.

    • Earn more by adding customized rates for peak travel times in your market or special rates for holidays and events.
    • Use MarketMaker to identify opportunities where it makes sense to adjust your rate so you can generate more bookings.

    Refundable damage deposit
    You need peace of mind when it comes to potential damage in your vacation home. However, a refundable damage deposit is another upfront fee for travelers.

    • Build an additional amount into your nightly rate instead of using a refundable damage deposit. This helps eliminate the perception of an extra fee. You can use those additional funds in case of damage at any point.
    • Avoid setting a refundable damage deposit that is more than double your nightly rate.
    • Offer property damage protection. It’s a low-cost option for travelers and it can protect against accidental damages.

    Encourage travelers to book by providing weekly or monthly discounts.

    • Provide an incentive for travelers to book longer stays.
    • Reduce the hassle of managing turnover for shorter stays.
    • Guarantee your revenue for a longer period.


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