Optimize your availability. Maximize your bookings.


    Making some adjustments to your rate settings and booking requirements can open your vacation rental to more booking opportunities. Read these four ways to start maximizing your bookings, or read the article here.

    Shortening your minimum stay
    If your calendar is flexible, you can shorten your minimum stay to show up in more traveler search results. For example, if a traveler is searching for a three-night stay and your minimum stay is four nights, your property will not show up in that traveler's search results. Shorten your minimum stay to earn more money and fill available nights in your calendar.
    Set your minimum stay

    Setting check-in and checkout days
    This setting allows you to control what days of the week guests can check-in and out of your property. However, when you use these settings it’s possible to inadvertently block large portions of your calendar, which affects whether you show up in traveler searches. For example, if you set a check-in and checkout day as Saturday, your property will only show up if a traveler is searching for a Saturday to Saturday stay.
    Edit check-in and checkout day

    Staying in sync
    Vrbo supports iCal, a file format you can use to import and sync calendars across multiple websites like Google Calendar, Booking.com, and Airbnb. This can help you avoid double bookings, and it provides you with a single view of all your reservations.
    Learn more

    Reviewing calendar blocks
    Regularly review your calendar to make sure you have blocked the correct days or to make sure a recent sync pulled in the correct block. You can also wear your “traveler hat” and test different search dates on your property to see if your calendar is showing the correct availability.
    Unblock your calendar


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