Tips for avoiding cancellations and declines altogether

    How do you avoid cancellations? Here are our three tips to alleviate miscommunications and discrepancies that might lead to a cancellation.

    1. Keep your calendar accurate: Your calendar will automatically update anytime you accept a reservation, but make sure you also block your calendar for dates that you know are unavailable. You can also sync your calendar with other sites you are listing on by following these instructions.
    2. Set up your minimum stay requirement: Travelers cannot book your property if they select dates that do not meet your minimum stay requirement. Click here for instructions on how to set this up.
    3. Set up your House Rules, Cancellation Policy and Rental Agreement: Give your guests clear information on what is allowed and expected while staying in your property. If travelers do not agree to your terms and conditions, they cannot continue on with the booking. This avoids you receiving requests from guests that don’t meet your requirements. Be sure that the information in your House Rules and cancellation policy is consistent with what is loaded in your Rental Agreement.

    For more information on how to set up your House Rules, cancellation policy and your Rental Agreement, click here.




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