Online booking now required for subscription renewals

    Dear HomeAway Partners,


    For some time, online booking enrollment has been a requirement for new and pay-per-booking listings, and our Partners are already benefitting from the value and convenience it offers. As part of an effort to help boost your earning potential and create a more consistent site experience, online booking will now be required to renew all subscriptions.


    As the vacation rental industry continues to become increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever for property owners and managers to keep up with new developments. During the past few years, one clear trend has been dominating the industry: Travelers prefer having the option to book online. My support team hears this every day, often from first-time vacation rental travelers that HomeAway continues to draw.


    Throughout my six years at HomeAway, we have managed many product and industry changes together. Based on our shared growth and your feedback during that time, we’ve expanded to 24/7 support (including all holidays) and walked thousands of Partners through the details of both adding online booking and managing it day-to-day. We are talking to you about how to adjust your listing to be successful in best match, and helping you view your listing from the lens of the conversations we have with travelers. I’ve spoken with many of you personally; my team and I are here to support you during your online booking transition.       


    While HomeAway works to meet our shared travelers’ preferences, we want to make sure you’ve got plenty of flexibility and control over how you manage your bookings. When you enroll in online booking, we’ll ask you to choose the option that works best for you: 24-Hour Review or Instant Booking. You can read more about online booking here.


    Regardless of which online booking option you choose, you’ll still have the same control over your rates, your property availability, and the ability to contact your guests. You’ll also have the benefit of recent enhancements to your house rules concerning items like pets, events, smoking, etc.


    If you currently have a subscription listing and don’t have online booking, you can add it by logging into your dashboard and view your listing:

    HomeAway dashboard

    VRBO dashboard dashboard

    If you choose to wait until your next renewal date, we’ll send an email containing more information about your options closer to that time


    Thank you for using HomeAway to manage your vacation rental business. We’re looking forward to another year of working together.


    At your service,


    Valerie Pearcy

    Vice President, Customer Experience, Americas